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Part One: 

How to Communicate With All Life-Forms and Interact With The Environment

1. Animal Cruelty and My First Patient        

2. Communication With Our Pets 

3. Technology, Nature and Telepathy  

4. The World About Us 

5. The Energy of the Natural World  

6. Getting Closer to Nature   

7. Animal Mind Magic 

8. My World   

9. Children and Their Pets  

10. Animal's Humanity to Man  

Part Two: Relationships

11. Our Relationships With Each Other   

12. Relationships --- For Women  

13. Relationships --- For Men  

14. Children and Teenagers 


Part Three: Freeing the Spirit

15. Charisma  

16. Signposts  

17. Daydreams  

18. Mind Journeys 

19. Tunnel Vision 

20. Unkind Acts  



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