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Part One: Telepathy

1. A Boy Called Alex   

2. Psychic Surgery 

3. Hypnotherapy

4. Atmospheres 

5. Automatic Writing 

6. Wild Animals and Pets 


Part Two: Projection of Mind Waves

7. The Regression Phenomenon 

8. Ghosts and Spirits 

9. Poltergeists

10. Thought Projection or Genuine Psychic Photography

11. Remote Viewing

12. Psychokinesis and Metal Bending 

13. Dowsing

14. Warnings


Part Three: The Secrets of Inanimate Objects

15. The Secrets of Inanimate Objects 


Part Four: Senses

16. Music to my Ears 

17. The Colours of my Life

18. Birds 


Part Five: Esoteric

19. The Guru 


Part Six: Emotions

20. Love at First Sight 

21. Young Love

22. Unselfish Love

23. Hate 

24. Jealousy 

25. Envy 

26. Greed

27. Fear 

28. Joy  


Part Seven: The Child Within

29. The Child Within 

30. For the Children of the World 


Part Eight: Strange Happenings

31. Strange Happenings 


Summing Up  




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