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This book was not published with a Table of Contents, to give you an idea of how intriguing a book this is - I will list each chapter and include the first opening paragraph.


Chapter 1:

'Valerie sat in the chair opposite me in my healing room, and sobbed. I had known this would happen when the communication with her father came to an end.'

Chapter 2:

'At the end of 1973, my energy had increased one hundred per cent. I felt like a time bomb waiting to explode. Subtle, yet tenacious, the spirits were there watching, guiding, protecting and, at times, and absolute pain.'

Chapter 3:

'My mediumship was tested continually whilst I was healing. At first there was the smell of ether, so strong at times that it affected everyone visiting my home. Most of my patients claimed that it made them feel light-headed. Although I hated it, I found that in a peculiar way - it also comforted me. I felt that someone was trying to impress upon me that I was being guided. This was also confirmed by my medium friend.'

Chapter 4:

'I was healing a young boy one day, when a spirit communicator indicated that he wanted to work through me. No name was given, but the power of his personality engulfed me, and I felt as though I was in a dreamlike state, as if I was floating. He then told me to repeat what he said, and although I did not actually hear him speaking again, the words that came from my mouth were certainly not mine.'

Chapter 5:

'I enjoyed a relaxed, cozy chat with a friend one afternoon, when I felt a presence behind me. I was not at all pleased, as this was supposed to be my day off. I told my friend about the presence.'

Chapter 6:

'I was giving healing to a woman in her fifties when I saw that she was being overshadowed by an unpleasant spirit entity. She began to cry.'

Chapter 7:

'So much had happened to me over the past few years that I thought I had reached a stage where nothing would surprise me. I was wrong. A young lady arrived for a sitting one day, and asked whether I would mind if she recorded it. I did not mind at all but warned her that the energies around me usually blocked out the voices. This did not deter her, and she went ahead with the recording. She received survival evidence of an intimate nature relating to her marriage. She was advised by her late mother to 'stop telling lies about her husband' and to have the courage to own up and ask his forgiveness. Needless to say she was furious and accused me of making it all up. I pointed out that she was a total stranger to me so I could not possibly have done that. She was so angry that her hands shook when she replayed the tape. There was nothing on it. When she continued to abuse me, I suggested that she leave. I have to say that her presence made me feel uneasy, and I was pleased to see her go.'

Chapter 8:

'Feeling exhausted at the end of a twelve hour working day, I decided to replenish my energies by lying down on my medical couch and to ask for healing. In the next instant I felt as though I was being lifted off the couch, and a white mist was swirling toward me. At least, that is how it appeared at first. But it was not long before I realized that it was actually the reverse. I was spinning towards the mist, and had the impression that I was being pulled through a vortex. Then I found myself floating high above the earth, drifting over the most magnificent scenery of green fields, valleys, mountains, rivers, and lakes. The sun was shining in a blue sky and fluffy clouds scurried below. I cannot remember having any conscious thoughts at all; I only knew that I was in a wonderful world of movement and total serenity and wanted to stay. Alas, this was not to be. The sun disappeared, and the blue sky was obliterated by black clouds, and I snapped back into my body. Snapped! That was the word; it describes exactly the feeling when my mind returned to my body.'

Chapter 9:

'The last five years had been incredible. Although I had known instinctively that something sensational was going to happen sometime in my life, nothing on earth would have convinced me that it was going to be of a paranormal nature. And yet, in retrospect, it is difficult to understand why this had never occurred to me, especially as I had been seeing spirits since the age of two. It was possible because I had become engrossed in an operatic career, as well as looking after a young family, and so the psychic part of me had to take a back seat.'

Chapter 10:

'I had been living in a psychic circus for six years now, and it was finally beginning to calm down. The phenomena were more disciplined, which meant that I could plan my time more effectively.'

Chapter 11:

'I am very grateful to those patients who shared their NDEs (Near Death Experiences) with me, for teaching me so much about the process of dying, and for confirming my theories about the survival of the mind.'

Chapter 12:

'So much work, so little time. That was my waking thought every day. I was trying to fit in hours of healing, clairvoyance, survival evidence, vitamin and mineral therapy, hypnotherapy and counseling, covering every human and spiritual emotion. There was a never-ending stream of people turning up on the doorstep asking if I could fit them in between appointments.'

Chapter 13:

'Dependency! I had no idea when I began healing how many people suffered from the effects of this problem. The ailments ranged from simple headaches to life threatening diseases. Suicide was often mentioned as the only way out. Parents who doted on their offspring often left them unable to think for themselves. Married women found themselves in an unenviable position when their partners died, unable to sort our insurance claims or even complete a simple task like filling their car with petrol. It was worse for the couples who had locked everyone out of their lives and lived only for each other. When their partner died it was a total catastrophe; they were left with no friends or family to comfort them. Men who had been totally reliant on partners found it impossible to function alone, and in some cases, complicated their lives by marrying again only to find out that the wrong kind of marriage can lead to even worse disasters. And parents can be bitterly disappointed when they find that they are becoming a burden to their children.'

Chapter 14:

'I was now in my ninth year as a medium, and still experiencing a wide range of phenomena every day - although, much to my delight, the smell of ether had disappeared. The variety was endless, and the picture-shows that were projected onto my bedroom walls were a constant entertainment. One night I saw a group of uniformed men. I thought at first they were policemen but as they had their backs to me I could not be sure. No matter how long I thought about it, the reason for this particular scene eluded me.'

Chapter 15:

'In a deep meditation one day, I heard a voice say 'Come with me', and immediately found myself  walking though a maze of hedges. I was unable to identify them, as they were totally unlike anything I had ever seen before. Some were broadleaved, while others were reminiscent of yew, with the branches forming a circle-like structure. I thought at first that the lanes were of grass, but as I trod them, they had the texture and fragrance of chamomile. I gave myself up to the total peace and serenity of the atmosphere but, as avenue after avenue came to a dead end, and it appeared that I was going nowhere, this feeling was replaced with a certain frustration. However, because I like a challenge, I kept walking, determined to find a way out. I was also intrigued. Although I knew I had a companion, and could feel the immense power emanating from him, I could not see him.'

Chapter 16:

'It is inevitable that, at some time, we must all vacate the chrysalis, that is our physical body, and allow the essence of our minds the freedom it so desires. I believe it is in this area that mediums are irreplaceable. They bridge the gap between one dimension and another with survival evidence, giving comfort not only to the bereaved but also to the departed, enabling those on both sides to live their lives to the full.'

Chapter 17:

'My daughter Janet was very concerned about my living alone since the separation with her father, and she presented me with a beautiful tortoise-shell cat. I named her Sally.'

Chapter 18:

'The past ten years had been the happiest of my life, and the presence of my spiritual mentors was a constant reminder of just how much I had changed in those years. I no longer questioned the whys and wherefores of the situation in which I found myself; I saw the results, and they were good enough for me. My spiritual medics could have done no more, because through me they had fought for the lives of so many, and won. Those who could not be cured were given peace and harmony, enabling them to make the transition to the spirit world in a dignified manner. My mediumship had evolved beyond all recognition, and the finest minds were able to communicate their thoughts and diagnoses. I knew at some time that the book I had been told I would write would have to be written, but not yet. There was another unexpected development, one that changed my life completely.'

Chapter 19:

'Patients old and new saw my new healing room transformed by an amazing kaleidoscope of colours. At other times the room was suffused with one predominant colour, the favorite being a beautiful sunflower yellow. People also attracted their own colours, and these were determined by their ailment.'

Chapter 20:

'Throughout my life I had always been a very private person. This may have been because, as a child, I had felt unable to share my psychic experiences, and also because my dream world had always seemed to be more real than reality. However, I have always had good friends of long standing with whom I could share my life, and who I have been able to trust. Since moving from Sutton circumstances had prevented us from meeting often, but we were nonetheless always there for one another.'

Chapter 21:

'I was admitted to hospital in January 1992. The tests that were carried out showed that, without open heart surgery to replace my calcified aortic valve, I would die. I was told to go home and think about it before making a decision. There really wasn't much to think about! My quality of life was so bad, I felt I had nothing to lose. The plus side was that my heart was healthy enough to have the operation.'

Chapter 22:

'In a telephone conversation with a friend, I spoke about the incredible help that I had received by using the exercises that were printed in my books. She told me that they had also helper her, but that it was time wasting having to looking through all three books to find a specific exercise. When she suggested that I put all the exercises into one book, 'Betty Shine's Mind Workbook' was born. This was a brilliant idea, and I wondered why I hadn't thought of it myself. But I had been otherwise engaged!'

Chapter 23:

'When I lost my home, I never have up the hope that one day I would find somewhere that would give me the peace and contentment I needed. I knew I would have difficulties, because I would have to live in a rented accommodation, but hope is eternal. Without it we are lost. I contacted someone who I thought might be able to help me, and was told that there was a farmhouse that had just been vacated. I asked Janet to accompany me, so that we could both tune into the vibrations of the place. Traveling along a narrow track, we passed a white house. Janet immediately grabbed my arm and pointed to the house, saying, 'That's your house, that is where you're going to live.' I laughed, and thought she was being fanciful, as it was obvious that the house was occupied. We carried on to the farm. I loved it, and spent some time wandering around the huge beamed rooms with their splendid polished wood floors. But this was not dream-time, and I just could not afford it. Janet was totally disinterested in the place and was wandering around outside muttering that it was not my house. When I explained my financial predicament to our guide, he told me there was a house on another part of this very beautiful country estate, that was about to be vacated, and that he would point it out on the way back. We followed behind as he drove back up the lane, and when he reached the white house he put his arm out of the car window and pointed to it. Janet was ecstatic, and hugged me. 'I told you so', she said. 'I knew that was your house. It's almost identical to your home in Sutton.' Looking at the huge windows I could certainly see the similarities.'


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