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This details the dedication of this eBook, an overview of it's concept, and explanation of all download fees. A description of the two bonus chapters are also included in the introduction.


Chapter 1: From 'Mind Waves' - Chapter 29; The Child Within

This is a very important passage from 'Mind Waves', and it bears repeating - as it says so very much for the spiritual seeker, and lays the groundwork for the chapters to come.


Chapter 2: From 'A Mind of Your Own' - Page 56; Energy

We are energy beings first and foremost. This passage contains information about your own mind energy; as well as a visualization in how to put it to work, positively.


Chapter 3: From 'Mind Magic' - Chapter 9; Hints For a Happy Life

From the second chapter, mind energy is built upon for the reader. Betty takes us through many subjects, explaining each in great detail. Following her advice in this passage alone, the reader can begin to reform a personal working philosophy for a happy life. She covers the meanings and explanations of often misunderstood or under-rated issues, such as: Fate, Inheritance, Spirituality, Humour, Seeking Knowledge, and Getting Back To Nature.


Chapter 4: From 'Infinite Mind' - Chapter 28; Reclaiming Your Life

This passage from 'Infinite Mind' is a detailed exercise in changing your life for the better. If you are sincere, and apply this chapter to your present situation - you will receive much in the way of self-spiritual insight. Also included in this passage are a extended list of proverbs for you to ponder on, or use in meditation.


Chapter 5: From 'Mind to Mind' - Chapter 28; Mediumship

  • Mediumship, Section 2

  • Mediumship, Section 3

  • Mediumship, Section 4

  • Mediumship, Section 5

This extended passage from 'Mind to Mind' builds on the personal aspects of the first four chapters - this is a very broad discussion into the very natural mechanics of the mind, and the medium. Betty Shine clears the clouds away from superstition and misnomers. This passage also includes two addresses for your convenience, they are of societies in London - that provide or recommend professional medium services. All the useful and helpful uses of clairvoyance is explained by case histories! 


Chapter 6: From 'My Life As A Medium' - Chapter 16; Releasing Fear

  • Releasing Fear, Section 2

From how the medium operates, to how the sitter benefits from this natural; and age old profession. This passage covers the greatest blessing of all, the release of the fear of death. Survival evidence is given in two specific case histories, elaborating on the plight of the elderly - who are subjected to the worse stress of all. Betty provides the answers to life and beyond, in this passage.


Chapter 7: From 'A Free Spirit' - Chapter 28; Getting Closer To Nature

  • Getting Closer To Nature, Section 2

  • Getting Closer To Nature, Section 3

  • Getting Closer To Nature, Section 4

  • Getting Closer To Nature, Section 5

'A Free Spirit' is the latest publication of Betty Shine. It is a phenomenal book, dedication in it's first half to the animal kingdom, with whom we all share this planet. The second half is about you and bettering your relationships with your loved ones or partner. This particular passage touched me, as it deals with telepathy - and how YOU can develop the universal language. Follow the steps in this passage to come closer to the pets, and in the process - open yourself to the whole of nature. A door, as Betty puts it - once opened, will forever enrich your life. This passage also includes step by step help to overcome personal phobias between you and any member of the animal kingdom.

Bonus Chapter 8: Betty Shine's Natal Chart 

  • Interpretation, Section 1

  • Interpretation, Section 2

  • Interpretation, Section 3

  • Interpretation, Section 4

  • Betty Shine's Response

This is the first bonus chapter. Betty had asked me for a natal chart, as I mentioned that I was going to start doing sittings again - here in Florida. I was only happy to jump at the chance to see what I could come up with using her birth information!


Bonus Chapter 9: How I Found My 'Mind Magic' 

  • My Father's Healing

  • The Letter And The Fax

This is the second bonus chapter. This explains the beginnings of my association with Betty Shine, and some of the really special healing, and spirit workings that come along with the territory.


healer Another whole bonus section!


Here is a diary of some of the spiritual phenomena that has occurred in my life, past and present. This builds upon the second bonus chapter of Passages, and it is all free!


Bonus Chapter 10: The Continuing Paranormal Diary by Michael J. Zitaglio  

  • The Turning Point

  • The Meditation Garden

  • The Invisible Visitors

  • Betty Shine & Savannah

  • My First Time Giving Survival Evidence

  • A Story of Rape

  • Sevens

  • The 'Other' Video Store

  • The Hole in the Roof

  • Thought Creations 

Thought Creations includes the following entertaining stories:  

  • The Koala Bear

  • The Train

  • The Buffalo Nickel

  • Tips on Getting a Girlfriend

  • Mental Souvenirs 



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