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Mind To Mind

Mind to Mind is Betty Shine's first book, which was an immediate best-seller, describes her progression from childhood to becoming a medium, healer, and vitamin/mineral therapist. More important, it tells the story of her discovery of Mind Energy. Available in hardback.

 Mind Magic

Sunday Times No #1 Best-Seller. Mind Magic is Betty Shine's second book. How to develop your own psychic awareness with particular emphasis in healing oneself, and others. Available in paperback.

Mind Waves

Mind Waves is the third and final book in the Mind Series. It explains the mind-wave effect on the whole of the paranormal. It takes the reader through the process of mind expansion and spiritual, logical, thought. Available in paperback.

A Mind of Your Own

A Mind of Your Own is a source book for the millennium. Inside, Betty Shine uses over 200 carefully selected keywords to identify the most common anxieties which face people today - and then, with her own unique insight and revolutionary techniques, she demonstrates how to overcome them.

My Life as a Medium

My Life as a Medium is a fascinating account of a very normal person, and the transformation that surrounded her in a matter of weeks.

The Infinite Mind

Just released August 1, 1999 - The Infinite Mind covers the Mind/Brain Phenomenon. Betty Shine takes the scientific and medical communities to task - for their apparent neglect of focus on the Mind as a whole.

A Free Spirit

In A Free Spirit Betty Shine not only shares her own remarkable gifts but she also recalls the experiences of her readers when their own healing abilities have been revealed at the time they needed them most.

Shine On

Shine On is the final book from Betty Shine. It collects together 101 of Betty's poems, and is introduced by her daughter, Janet, who worked closely with Betty and has inherited many of her amazing psychic gifts. Janet also provides a short introduction to each poem, which allows the reader a unique intimacy into the background to each one.


A quote from Angela Levin, Daily Mail

'Betty is funny and warm, and there is nothing superhuman about her manner. But some things she takes for granted would send shivers down the normal spine.' 

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