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From the book 'Mind Waves': Chapter 29

To be happy, one can never afford to lose the child within. A child is innocent and has faith, and allows things to happen. It has no critical faculty, and the negative thoughts that close the mind do not exist.

A child has not yet let go of the energy dimension from whence it came. It cries for the beauty and the silence that it has lost by electing to return to this gross materialistic world, and it sheds tears for those unhappy people who spend their lives trying to shatter dreams by forcing others to face their reality.

Reality? These people have no idea what that is. The world the child has left is reality. This planet is the dream-state, the nightmare that one cannot escape until it is time for us to awake.

As the child grows, it has to be taught how to survive - the human way; their instinctive knowledge of survival is suppressed.

There is nothing as spontaneous as a child's laughter. So many adults have forgotten how to laugh.

Children believe in fairies, gnomes, goblins, and Father Christmas. Older children, who are gradually losing their reality, do not hesitate in trying to take their beliefs away from them. Their own lives have been spoilt by being plunged into this material world too early, and they resent having lost the child within. Their magic having been torn from them, they cease to believe in themselves and lose confidence.

They do not know what they can achieve. Ask them to reach for the stars, and they laugh. They do not understand that stardom is in each and every one of us. We simply have to know, without doubt, that it is there.

We are all born with talent, and it takes the child within to find and nurture it.

The kind of stardom that I am writing about is not that of show business, but in the achievements of the soul, of finding ourselves and being committed to truth and one's destiny.

There are millions of people all over the world who have lost the child within because they have suffered poverty, disease or violence. Let those of us who have been able to retain it help them with our love, energy, and commitment.

Let us also open the eyes of those near us, so that they can understand and appreciate the true reality and bring back the child within them - to allow things to happen.

Above all, help them to understand that minds from other dimensions are waiting to help. To be able to listen to audible silence and receive telepathic messages for ourselves is the ultimate achievement.

To be able to glimpse reality only once in a lifetime is enough - it is never forgotten. Once you have this key, you have the key to the child within. Don't ever lose it.


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