healer  For Betty
Special tributes, thoughts, and memories; sent in from all around the world.

Below is a collection of special entries, in a very special guest book. This guest book was posted after Betty Shine passed into spirit. It was Janet's way to let people express there own grief and sorrow. Yet, even more, it was to celebrate the life of such a wonderful person. Betty will continue to touch and change lives through her books, but more magnificently - her healing still continues, in tandem...with her daughter, Janet Shine.

If you feel you might have missed out in putting your own special entry in this book - don't worry. Feel free to send me an email, and I will include your words on this page. Your thoughts and prayers will mean so much to everyone else, whose lives have been touched by Betty Shine.

Remembering Betty with a Special Guest Book

My love to you Betty Shine, for all the positive changes you brought into my life. To Janet I freely offer my continued support and help, anytime and anywhere. I wish you and your family healing and comfort during this time. In reflection, throughout my experiences working on the 'Betty Shine - Online' website, I learned how to touch lives in my own way too. Thank you Betty, thank you from my heart and soul. Lots of love, Mike Zitaglio

Dear Betty Shine,

Thank you for your life, courage and encouragement.

Alan, Rayleigh, Essex


You are a wonderful woman, and im sure you will be sadly missed my millions on the earth plane. I suffered a serious bout of depression about 4 years ago and went to a bookshop and I was drawn to your book, before then I wouldnt have thought about mediums and spirituality, but I bought the book and couldnt put it down. Since then after buying another 5 or 6 of your books, my path of spirituality is well and truely walked. I thank you so much for opening my heart and spirit, and giving me so much hope.

All my love to you and Janet for carrying on your amazing work.

Love Vanessa

4/19/2002 I heard of Betty Shine's passing this morning. I live in Calif. and was visiting the James Van Prague chat room on the internet for the very first time. While there, I spoke to the others about Betty, and a sweet lady from Cairns, Australia informed me of Betty's passing. I first heard of Betty Shine in April 2001. I was on a long flight from Calif. to Australia to see my beloved spiritual master, and the plane stopped for a hour in Auckland, New Zealand. I saw Betty's book, "My Life as a Medium" and had to buy it. Back in the airplane, I read that book non-stop to Brisbane. It was wonderful. When I got back to the States, I HAD to buy all the books by Betty Shine I could find. I couldn't get enough of her wonderful, so very down-to-earth healing words. Later, I found this website and met dear and sweet Mike Zitaglio, webmaster extrordinaire, and fellow Betty Shine fan. I received a letter in response to my request for healing from Betty (postmarked Jan. 11, 2002). She said healing had begun "for all mentioned." I didn't feel anything - or so I thought - but so many wonderful things have happened since that stressful time, that I know Betty's healing played a part in smoothing out the energy for me to move forward in life. I thank you, dear Betty Shine, for being such an inspiration to me, and a Light in my life. I know you are another wonderous gift, and all the people I have met and will meet because of you are gifts, too. I also feel your Light and Healing when I have the opportunity to tell others of your work. Bless you, Betty, go with Divine Love and Light on your Journey. Love, Isis Marks isismarks@yahoo.com


I was very saddened to hear of the passing of Betty, she was a very unique person, i wish her well in her new existance, and strenght to those who loved her.

Dear Betty, Thank you for all the books you have written. Thank you for the inspiration you have given us, and still are giving us!! :-) Thank you for your patience and your help that you have been given, and still are giving, to many people around the world. We know that you are still around us watching, caring and with glimts in your eyes! You will always be in our mind. We send our thoughts and prayers to Janet and her family and with lots of love! See you around Betty! Take Care.Always yours, Susanna och Petra-Sweden.

My healing thoughts and prayers are with you Janet and I know that Betty will continue her wonderful work from the other side. Betty will always have a special place in my heart as is was following a letter which I received from her in 1992 that my life completely changed. Her books are inspiration to us all. With sincere sympathy, Love and Light, Pauline McCrann (Oxon.)

Betty's books have changed my life. As long as they are here to be read and with Janet carrying on Betty's amazing work she will always be around. How many people leave behind a legacy such as Betty's? Not only did she change countless lives whilst still here on earth but will continue to do so for many many years to come, her work lives on and her spirit will always be here. My deepest sympathy to Betty's family. Sending you lots of love and light Jane, Cheshire UK


You changed my life for ever. My world became bright after I met you in your first book. I will always remember you.

Monica in Sweden

Dear Betty Your life was a celebration that will continue whenever your books are read and when you are thought of which will be often. My regards go to Joan and your family who will miss your presence however they will know joy when you connect to them through spirit. In Light and Love

Yvonne - Cardiff

Thank you to everyone for their kind words of condolence. I will keep them in my heart at this very difficult time.

Love janet shine

Hello Im crying. I knom that something happened. Every evening 9pm I forget to go and take my healing. I get a letter from Betty and she write Im with you. I have this letter with my heart. I love this woman. She help me a lot. Since I get a letter from her I feel better. and I have my time with her 9 pm and so I planedto remember and forget every dag. So today I have to look why and found that se gone to another side. Im so sad but I know. She is with me. I have read all Betties books in Swedish of course Im not so good in english. Betty was a very good woman oh I love her. I hope you can feel that she will always be with you. When Betty write her books I could feel that she loves her famili. Oh Janet you have a very great mother. I hope Good will be with you and help you.

I hope I also will be your friend

Elisabeth Steigård Alfreds gränd 10


Dear Janet, I have just finished reading the Infinite Mind which is a wonderful book. I sent for information on tapes/books and healing not knowing, until today, your mother had passed on. Please accept my thoughts for you and your family. I wished I'd had the opportunity to meet Betty, she seemed such a wonderful warm and caring lady who did so much for others. I still look forward to learning more from, and about, this wonderful person. With love, Susie

I have just read "Mind to Mind, passed on to me by Renata my reflexologist. I have found a tremendous peace with what has been written in this book, and I will strive, as from today, to start practicising the positivity Betty so fondly speaks about in the book. My hearfelt sympathies to Betty's family on her passing on, but I know, as I sit here in my office at work, that Betty will continue healing others from where she finds herself. I will be honoured to one day meet up with Betty. I have the most tremendous headache today, some type of a sinus flu I suppose, and I practiced the "smoothing of my aura" in the mirror last night, and I am certain it helped a bit. Thanks Betty for your caring, loving and healing gifts you have bestowed on others in this life. May you and Janet continue to share your special bond...

I am sad to hear of Betty's death last month and was so looking forward to making some sort of contact with her, be it in letter form or via the email. I am happy to say that I will now think of her fondly and perhaps she might just respond, even though I find myself millions of kilometres away here in South Africa. I live in a suburb called Bothasig, Cape Town and am, and will always be an avid reader of Betty's books. I am sure going to get hold of her other books and read them with the utmost interest as I have done Mind to mind.

Bless you Betty, wherever you may find yourself, and may you have a wonderful afterlife....

Love Angela Thurling 21 Van Riebeeck Rd, Bothasig, Cape Town, South AFrica telephone : (027) 021 558 6706 cell: (027)083 981 8755

I find myself in tears as I am writing this, as even though I have never met with Betty, I can feel a closeness between her and I. Perhaps Janet, you can send me some healing and a message to say that you are doing well!!

Kindest regards Angela

I was so sorry to read via net today that your mum has passed over. I know how that feels as I too lost my mum (she was 47). I can honestly say I think of Betty every day whether on the way to work, during work or if I need to just chat in my mind to her. I hope (I am sure) she is happy with all her friends, and I hope that she will still be there for us. I hope it will be okay to e-mail you every now and again with my thoughts, indeed I will now add you to my mind. When you have a connection with her please pass my thanks and good wishes for all she has done through her life and also for being there. Kindest regards, Sue Sinclair

Dear Betty

I wish I could have had the pleasure of meeting you.

God Bless You.


John Griffiths

I have just read today of your passing Betty in the Daily Mail, I feel like I have lost a true friend although I never met you your books brought great comfort to me, and made me feel we are not as alone in the world as we think.My thoughts go to your daughter Janet and I know you will be there to help her in continuing your great work. God Bless I will always remember you and read your books often.You will be often in my thoughts, a true gift to mankind.Rose Merseyside.

May Betty Shine be with us in our heart and soul forever.For us all, she lives on. Our special thoughts are with you. Iola and Keri Pierce Evans

Dear Betty and Janet, So sad to hear of Betty's passing in the Mail today. She was a very special lady. I bought Betty's books many years ago and have continued to read them to this day. I passed them on to my mother who also found great comfort in them. She suffered health problems for many years, but Betty's words helped her enormously. She passed over three years ago and It's nice think that mum might be able to have a chat with Betty and say thanks! My love to you all and I'm so happy that you will be keeping up the wonderful work. Jane XX Aldershot, Hants

Your work will be remembered forever here, Betty. Thanks for everything.

Hello Janet! I'm a man in the early years of age 26. I read about Your wonderfully mother that she has passed away, and I had a fealing about it wen I red her book "My life as a Medium" By Betty Shine. I don't want to be important by saing this thatI'm a spoker from witch the spirit talks true I have meny things to learn but I'm still Lurning I'm living.... I'm sadly about the News about Your mum, but I hink that she will have it better now. Please feal free to mess me if You Want!? I'm letting a kandle like a visualisation for Betty now! Love Patrik

Dear Janet, I am absolutely shocked and saddened to hear of your terrible loss, reading Bettys books and webpage have been a great comfort as I have been going through a troubled time. much love Sarah

You have take care of so many people I hope and I know that Good will take care of you. I dont forget you you have done so much to me. You write that you are with me I hope you will be with me too but I know that you have so many to care about. I have seen you in my dream and I hope you will still visit me

With all my love to you Betty and your family





ARUNA VENKATESH (anjali_rao@hotmail.com)

Janet and family, so sad to hear about Betty, she was a inspiration to everyone, my thoughts are with you at this time Karen

To Dear Janet and all Betty's family My thoughts are so much with you at this empty time, and I wish you peace and serenity in a time of healing, when present grief is less sharp. I feel so profoundly thankful to have discovered Betty through her wonderful books, and feel the person I am today is not the person I would have been had I not had the teaching, support and wisdom of Betty to help me, over the past 11 years or so. We are all indeed bereft, but confident in knowing dear Betty will be working and growing still in spirit to help others as she always did. We were so blessed in her. Elaine Geer

Sonnet by Rupert Brooke

Not with vain tears, when we're beyond the sun, We'll beat on the substantial doors, nor tread Those dusty high-roads of the aimless dead Plaintive for Earth; but rather turn and run Down some close-covered by-way of the air, Some low sweet alley between wind and wind, Stoop under faint gleams, thread the shadows, find Some whispering ghost-forgotten nook, and there Spend in pure converse our eternal day; Think each in each, immediately wise; Learn all we lacked before; hear, know and say What this tumultous body now denies; And feel, who have laid our groping hands away; And see, no longer blinded by our eyes.

(Suggested by some of the Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research, written 1913)

to Betty and family with love, submitted by Elaine Geer in grateful respect for all I gained

To the dear family and friends of Betty. I was so sorry to hear of her passing over, but it wasn't a surprise to me. For some time, starting about a month ago, i felt there was a presence near me, a guiding and reassuring presence. I don't mean to say that Betty was particularly visiting me, I wouldn't be so presumptuous, but if it was her, it would be very much in keeping with how she was; a caring person, looking out for everyone who needed her. I've read her books, and her first three books were a tremendous help to me. I found her work by coincidence in a bookshop while walking the streets to relieve tension after my father passed over, and she helped me in a time of need to reafirm convictions that, in a time of stress, had begun to waver. I was able to look up at the sky again and see past the clouds and into the heavens; to look through the dismalness and find the grace of all that has been bestowed upon us by the universal force, and to feel at one with it again. She helped me when I wrote to her telling her of an operation I was about to go through; just her kind, hand-written letter was enough to know she cared. I owe Betty and her filosophy a great deal, and know she will always be here with us and for us, and I bless her daughter Janet who has taken on the task of carrying on her work. We're sure that they (Betty and Janet) will make a formidable team! A tribute to a truly wonderful person, in life and after life; Betty Shine.

I would just like to pray that may her soul rest in peace and also betty has had a lot of influence on me regarding spirit. I have also had healing and help and thank you.

I read in the Daily Mail today about Betty's passing. Mum's are never supposed to get old get ill or depart from our lives. You just think that they will go on for ever... but as you she will!!

Thinking of you all.

Regards Alison

Dear Janet,

I was really upset to read of the passing of your Mother. She was a wonderful person who brought a great deal of good into this world through transforming the lives, beliefs, health and happiness of so many people. I have read her books and will miss her column in the Mail. What about a swansong for her by publishing a compilation of the questions and answers that she wrote in the Mail? I am sure it would be another top seller. Of course, you of all people will know that she remains close to you which might temper the grieving process a little. Nonetheless the loss of her physical presence will be tough. She will be helping you to carry on her work and all of her flock will be so pleased that you are doing so. Do let us know via the website, Janet, of any contacts you have with her and words of wisdom she might pass on. Good luck and best wishes to you. Love ,Bryan Quinton

Be happy and strong for her life of wonder and healing. We are all greater for knowing of what she did Betty. I send my love to Janet and family at this time.

Back in 1988/9 I wrote to Betty about my husband who had, in 1987, had his first stroke. These were were very emotional times for a variety of reasons. However, Ken had always read 2 or 3 books every week pre stroke. I had explained this to Betty, I had a reply from her, Ken read a book that following week. That was his only one, he has had several other more serious strokes since then, but I shall always thank Betty for her help. God will bless her. Margaret Smailes

I have only been in touch with Betty over the past few months, but she has 'touched' my very soul. May she receive all the love and comfort in her new realm that she so readily gave to us mere mortals. God Bless you dear Betty...and your family. You truly have been an inspirtation to so many Love and Light Beryl Britton

Hey Betty,

Can't believe you've gone! I've just got back into being open minded and spiritual after a while of feeling hard done by and self-pitying (enough already!). I bet you're chillin' out and being happy right now.

All the best sweety

Luv ya Aly X X X

PS/ Hope I can learn alot from you

Please accept my sincere condolences with the passing of Betty. I had, this year, received a letter from her regarding absent healing, and am at the moment reading one of her books. She seemed, from the books, to be a wonderful person, and all the books I have read I have thoroughly enjoyed. Amanda Firman Tonbridge, Kent

Like so many, i was shocked to see your mum had passed over. A couple of monthes ago i wrote to Betty after discovering her books asking for a distant healing, well the last week I have been feeling alot better and that made me think of Betty. I have never met your mum but you just feel like you know her! my thoughts are with you and your family xxxx Liz

When i was desperate and going through some very bad emotional time i wrote to Betty (aged 17.) the very short but very positive reply i received was conforting, uplifting and inspiring. It is hard not to imagine Betty here. I have never met her, but she still continues to help me through my strugles with the positive messages that were published. STILL ALIVE IN OUR HEARTS AND MINDS> Hope that the next dimmension is treating you well pal.

Thankyou for the good times and the comfort you gave.

I'll see you in the next stage..

BETTY SHINE ____ U touched something untouchable babe.

You were a very, very, very special lady that words fail to embrace. I had been phoning you with no response Betty which was very unusual. Even no response from the Christmas gifts which worried me even more. Now I know my worries were founded. I'm sorry we never spoke before you passed Betty, I missed your beautifull voice so calming and welcome. Your humour and contagious laughter will always be around. Most of all your spirit and teachings will be with me and millions of people forever. You saved my life, changed my attitude and most of all became my friend from accross the water. May God rest your soul Betty Shine and allow you the peace which you selflessly forfeited on Earth. May God Bless Janet and her children with every ounce of strength, energy and determination that you had. Your light has not gone it has just moved home. Your friend Eddie Rowan, Northern Ireland.

Hi Janet. I had the privilege of knowing your mum through Eddie - my partner. We read one of her books, and Eddie contacted her, and established something of a relationship, where she helped us, inspired us and amazed us with her ability! We've read every book since that - some twice over! We were deeply saddened to hear that Betty had died. I guess that's the wrong emotion considering her work, but it's hard to imagine such a vibrant, and amazingly warm person not being around any more. My thoughts went immediately to you - her family - so I hope this time now isn't too tough. You must indeed feel very proud Janet. You're mum was a beautiful woman and a very advanced soul - and I'm sure you've heard this a thousand times before, which is no doubt, comforting. I'm so glad to hear - as is Eddie - that you're continuing her work. That must surely be any parents' dream and it's vital that the immeasurable work that Betty carried out, is continued. Good luck with it all. I'll be sending all the energy I can muster out to your mum now, in the hope of helping you.

I hope that by the time I leave this world, that I've assumed even half the wisdom, meekness and warmth exuded by Betty Shine. She is my spiritual icon.

Love, Judith Farrell

Dear Janet, I learned only yesterday about your sad loss. I love your mum, she has been such inspiration to me over the past ten years and through some very difficult times. If each of us could shed a fraction of the Light into the world that Betty gave, it would light up the whole universe. Betty, thank you for the key, I will open the door. God Bless XXXXXXX

Betty .....U touched my heart....the rest u know..........Love michelle from Australia..rest in peace...........

so very sad to hear of bettys death reading her books had a dramatic effect on my life and i always had the wish to someday meet her, regrettably this can not be so but i send my deepest condolances and am safe in the knowledge that she will be just as influential in the afterlife as she was in life itself. I will look forward to any books Janet may herself publish. With love xxx Diane from Nottingham

I first read Bettys books after my mother sadly passed away in January 2002. The books helped me in my greaf and I thank you för the worlds that you gave me Betty. I feel for you Jane and for the rest of the family.

Love Petra

Dear Janet and family, When I was in despair, and noone was there I wrote to betty.I didn't even send a s.a.e. and she wrote back. I am nineteen years old and for the last five years she has been my role model as she always will be. Because of her I have been inspired to heal and help others, Thankyou, becky

I was sorry to learn today through your web page of Betty's passing. I have only recently been learning through her books, which have given me much comfort and hope in these difficult times. The Medicine Room in particular has been a great help whenever I've had a stomping sinus headache.

I will light a candle for Betty, Janet and their family. In this small way I will pay my respects for the gift of Betty's life.

May we all remember Betty in our hearts each time we give and receive a kindness.



Dear Betty, Thank you very much for all that knowledge you gave us. May all your wishes come true in your new world. May you be blessed with more wisdom!

Janet Shine, may you be successful and be the best successor for Betty Shine. May you have all the strength to carryout your mission in this life.


Condolences to Janet and all of Betty's family. SO pleased the good work will continue and hopefully you will be able to help give my mother the strength and good health to reach her centenary in September 2008. She suffers from 'IBS' and her heart is 'ageing' so she is currently lacking energy and verve. Her greatest handicap is very poor hearing and she has felt for years that if something would 'pop' it would clear the 'blockage' and her hearing would be improved - how I wish that could happen but even so she always says that her troubles are minor compared to so many one sees and hears about. Thank you and God bless.

Betty - stay in touch, you will always be needed! Henrik/Denmark

I am absolutely distraught that Betty is no longer with us. However, she is now in the light and I am sure she will have a very special place there and job to do. She was an inspiration to me for healing and I especially liked her books. They were down to earth but shone with her magic. I wish Janet, her daughter a bright and magic future.

In Love and Light


Betty helped me and my family a number of times in the past ten years when loved ones were ill and I thank her for all the love and time she spent sending healing - it always helped and I shall miss knowing she is there and listening - although I'm sure she still is - thank you Betty - you were wonderful while you were here and will continue I know. With much love and thanks


I am extremely sorry for your loss of being in touch with your mother at physical level in this world but I am sure you are in touch with her in other dimensions. I have been thinking of writing to Betty since February, which is when I read a book written by her. May I write to you now?


Dear Janet and family I was sad to hear of your mother's passing into spirit. However, I have no doubt that she will continue her good work through you and give you immense strength and courage to face every day. I had the great honour to receive letters from her last year to help with my healing. She was a guiding light and comfort to many, many thousands of people and I have no doubt that she will still continue to live in their memories, until eternity. My condolences to you and your family, Janet, at this time. Fenella Lockhart-Mure

Bettys books have changed my life. She has been my guide and solace over these two last difficult years. I have now started to learn about healing through Reiki, but am also learning as much as I can about colour healing. Thank you to both of you. You have given your love to the world and have it returned many times over. Paula Bradley

Thank you for sharing your life, your experiences and your knowledge, you were an inspiration to me. What a lovely mum you must have been. Deborah Kent

I know that someone who brought so much comfort to others must be with God. Thank you Breidh

Dear Janet and family

Please accept my condolences for your great loss, Betty was my mentor her books help me greatly when my mother passed away and she helped me with her healing to get through my loss.

God Bless you all, my love and prayers are with you.

I know she will always be there when I need her, I love you Betty.

Suzette Quee, Clapham, London.

I've come to regard Betty like a friend over the last 7+ years since I first became aware of her work. My friends and I all call her Betty, though none of us ever met her; she became a leading light in my life, and in the world. I am absolutely devastated at her passing, yet I know that she will continue her good work into the next dimensions - light never dies. As an advocate of humanity and all animal life, she will be most terribly missed on this plane by all the souls she touched. Betty, I know you're listening, I trust that you are happy where you are now; I send my healing to all those who will miss her. love, light & peace K*

I am so saddened to hear of Betty's passing into the next life; she will be so greatly missed in this one. I feel personally that she is still guiding and helping me in her own amazing and far-reaching way. In many ways she is a very hard act to follow - a unique soul who touched and helped millions; I hope there is still a bit of her remaining in all of us she helped and healed! Bless you and thank you Betty! I'm sure you'll still be helping and healing through Janet. Lots of love, Claire XXXXXX

Thank you so much Betty for letting me reading one of your books. You opend a new world to me that I did not realize. Thank you also for helping my mother and my self through our operations. I wish you all the best and lots of hapiness. I would also like to thank you Janet for carring on with your mothers work. God bless you also!

Janne, Norway

Dear Janet, I,m so so saddened to hear of your mums' passing. I'm so grateful that I managed to get in touch with her and I sent her a personal poem that I had written along with a poppy picture. She was a marvellous and very talented woman, and I hope you will still receive her love and guidance. Much , much love and kind thoughts to you and your family. Penny Sherwood Newport Isle of Wight ajsherwood@btinternet.com

Sadden to hear Betty has left us on this 'level', but, happy that she had risen to the next level of her journey. I am sure her 'essense' is still with us all. Betty inspired me of the spiritual things that I and We are capable to achieve. However, we all need 'sincere teachers and helper; and Betty, I believe is one of a few. My health to date has not been good, although, 'people like Betty' help me greatly. I send her my deepest sincere warmth wishes and to you all. I 'wish'and prays the 'her healing light' will continue to shine.

Mike Tan.

Hello Betty/Janet!

I have read one of your books and I have got an amazing feeling after I read the book. And it makes me good. I have a friend who are a medium who help to talk to my mother. She also got a message from my companion and I wish to talk to him myself. I have try a lot of times but I am not shure that he heard me. But my problem is how did I know if he heard me? And what can I do to have a conversation with him? In fact i try every evenings before I go to sleep and sometimes I feel I have some kind of contact with him, but only for a few seconds. The coversation feels me like one way, from me to him. So what can I do to hear him?

Many thanks!

Christer Nilsson

When such a great ambassador for spirit passes on it is a loss for the physical world but the spirit world is happy that one of their 'workers' has returned home..and no doubt Betty will continue her wonderful healing work from her new home..and she will live up to her name. Our thoughts are with you Janet and all your family.

God bless Robert Boylan Director of the Inner Spirit Sanctuary (rboylan@innerspiritsanctuary.com)

sorry to hear about your mum - lucy xx

I'am shocked and saddened to hear of Betty's passing, she opened many doors for me and for that I will always be greatful. Although I never met her, she made me feel like we'd known each other for years ..Love to Janet and all of her family and friends .. I don't know much about the after life, but if I know anything about Betty Shine ... she will be busy doing something ! Thank you Betty, and bless your soul.

Hello Betty I fear I have left it too late to tell you how much I have enjoyed your books. Such wonderful information passed on in a down-to-earth manner. Love and light to you and Janet. Diane xx

I have just started reading Betty's books and already feeling the effect. I can't help feeling sad that Betty has passed away but really I should be happy as she is in the lovely place which she so often described.

I am sure through Janet the amazing work will continue even though Betty deserves a good rest. God bless Betty and her family I am sure I will continue to be inspired.

Amanda O'Callaghan

7th May 2002. It is with sadness I read today of Betty's passing to the other dimension. We have been privileged indeed to have had her with us on the earth plane. Her unconditional love lives infinitely in our hearts. Best wishes Janet and family. Diane from Australia.

Dear Janet,

So sad to hear of Betty's passing. Throughout her life time as a healer she was a great comfort and inspiration to many. May you continue her great work Janet God Bless you.

Sarah Ramadhan

Thank you betty, you have done a lot for me your books have changed my outlook on life untill next time.


I think Betty was a lovely soul and I have posted a webpage to her memory at: http://website.lineone.net/~enlightenment/betty_shine.htm. May God Bless her. Marion xxxxxxx

Dearest Betty. I feel sad you went away. You are a only one medium that I believe and trust. You gave me a letter , You said I am not alone. Yes, Betty. Please watch us from Heaven. I love you.

Dear Janet, Thanks for replying. I'm not quite sure how I feel about the loss of your mother. She's still very much alive - even though she's physically dead. One half of me is sad, and the other happy for Betty. I know you Janet only through your mum's book. I remember when you were alone- with the dog- at home, and your grandmother touched you. You were quite shocked! Please forgive me for asking this, but I had some questions in my last letter which weren't answered. Would you mind very much if you answered them for me, Janet. I need to know the answers. Just send an e-mail to jk_972@yahoo.co.uk If, however, you don't wish to answer them, please don't think that I will be annoyed. I might be sad, but your mum always had good reason to do sth specific, so I trust you too. Please reply, Janet. Thanks. Joseph Kurian.

Dear Janet and Family

I was so sorry and shocked to hear of your lovely mother Betty passing into spirit, I only read about it yesterday. I felt as though I knew her she was very special you must be very proud of her. Not so long ago I wrote to her about absent healing and was so pleased to hear back from her, I only wish I had replied to her before it was to late. I feel that she is helping me and my father who has been very ill over the last few months, he seems to be getting better now. Her books I read over and over again, I never get tired of them. My one regret is that I never had the chance to meet her, but I am sure she is by all our sides when we need her the most. I will keep in touch with you Janet just by reading the books and thinking of Betty. My thoughts are with you and your family and am so pleased you are to carry on Bettys work, she must be so proud of you. You had a special bond with each other and I expect you have the same bond with your daughter.

Take care of yourself and your family With Much Love Sandra Bristol

So sorry to hear that your mother passed away Janet and my sympathy goes out to you.

I have read several of Betty's books and they have been a real help to me in times of need and I am thankful to her for that. Betty also helped me to help a good friend of mine who has since fully recovered from her illness.

I sent an email to Betty's email address yesterday, but I didn't know that she had passed away until today when I visited your website.

Am glad to here that you will be continuing her work along with your own and I wish you well

Betty shine was an angel from heaven, she came to the earth to spread light,love and healing energy. I am from Australia and read Bettys autobiography about three years ago and it changed my life, she was the one person who helped me believe that my dead mother had been with me all along, she helped us all to realize that there is so much more to this universe than what we see with the naked eye. She wrote with an earthy, warm manner that made you just love her dearly. The world feels a little empty now that she is gone but the knowledge that she is in the spirit world helping us now eases the pain of the loss, my deepest sympathy to her family and friends. She was truelly an angel from above. amy from aussie

I have tried many times to get in touch with Betty Shine and failed to do so. I have finally discovered this website and am saddened to discover that she has passed on. It must be fate. My thoughts go to her family at this difficult time. I wish you all well and send you my best wishes.

Betty was truly a radical in her own time. She knew about the quality of energy and how the real reason we are all here is to show love and compassion for one another. She truly touched my heart and I hope Janet keeps up the good work. I am sure that many thousands of people will be sending out thoughts .

As some people say I was in he dark continent where Betty Shine enlighted my way till to day.She taught me how to be or how to think posetive.Betty you know how much Ilove you spiritually,it will be hard to forget about you and do not forget me.

I had the most strange experience to day. I got to know Betty for just two days ago, as my mother gave me a book. I instantly felt "connected".. I usually dont read books. But this was different. I loved it from the start. I could feel her kindness while reading. And today, just starting the book, I surched this pages, and found out she had left this earth. I started to cry! I missed her already. But shes still here anyway, and I thank yoy for bringing this site to me. Love to you all! Kristin Eliassen, Norway

Dear Janet, It's impossible to express in words the impact your mother has had on so many people's lives, mine included. The love she offered can be seen returned to her in these tributes.

Take care of yourself, take time for yourself, with love Karen - Storrington

Dear Janet, i just want to say that your lovely Mum,was the most selfless person that i have known, to do so much to help in this world, to comfort and bring a new life to those in pain and despair. I had contacted Betty for absent healing for my Mum and husband,and she replied with a hand written note of encouragement i treasure that letter, because she had taken so much trouble, and there really was no need. Janet be comforted that your Mum is with you and your daughter in everything you do.And her love for you, is as large as it ws when she was living. God Bless. Gail


U have spread positivity to many through your books ..Thank You and May your soul rest in peace


Dear Janet & Family

I was extremely saddened to hear of the loss of your Mother, Mentor, Soul Mate, Teacher and friend. There is no doubt whatsoever that her spirit lives on through you and your work Janet and I have no doubt given your gift you will continue to help the many people who are yet still in the dark and will enlighten them through your gift also. May you find eventual contentment through realising her continued presence - speaking as one who has lost a mother/dear friend, the hurt unfortunately does not go away but you realise in time they deserve their new found peace - it is only right that they enjoy this for all the hard work and service they have given throughout their life. She has now truly returned home and we should all thank God for her time with us and I have no doubt you will continue her work Janet - just as successfully and enthusiastically as she did.

I was drawn some years ago to Betty's book in my local library - dont ask me why I was drawn to the section - or the book, I only know I have every book, tape, and have gained a great deal of knowledge and enlightenment through this - I dream one day of being able to help people in the way your mother did through healing but, do not know if that will be possible. It must be one of God's greatest gifts to bestow on someone - to help eleviate pain and suffering - especially with children.

May I take this opportunity to wish you continued success Janet - you must be so proud of your Mother and she of you and that, like eternity, will live on until you meet up with her again.

With sincere sympathy and sadness, Ann McAvoy

Dear Betty,

I want to thank you from the bottom of heart for your guidance and I wish you attaining peace and wisdom. Continue to shine.

Frank Fang China

Dear Janet,

My deep condolences to you and your family. Frank Fang China

God bless you Janet, in your work for people, yourself and your mother All the best to you With Love from Lotta in Sweden

hello, this is niq from germany , i was just reading one of the book by betty and suddenly thought to have alook at website and i found that she passed away and i am shocked.i can not express how sorry i am . but i hope she will not be away from us and working with janet. my relation to her is just a book but my share in sorrow is same as anyone. GOD bless her soul and her work. NIQ

Dear Janet, and all of Betty's friends all around the world, for we have all been blessed to have known of Betty Shine, I have enjoyed all the books and will treasure them always Regard Carol from NZ


The wisdom in your books fascinated, comforted and inspired me to pursue my own mediumistic development. The energy of your lovely kind face on the front of those books gave me healing. Also, last year I tuned in to you twice a day and received healing for my knee.

Janet, my thoughts are with you & your family. May your life & work be filled with blessings, love and light.


Sorry to hear of the death of betty Shine, I have read all her books, and everyone is brilliant.

dear janet i was so sorry to hear your mum passed away .i have been trying to contect her this last past year as i myself lost a 5year old daughter 3years ago she was burned to death.i will pray for you god bless you may your mum rest in peace.from joan otoole

Betty - your book 'Mind Magic' opened me up to accepting my own psychic abilities, after rejecting them for many years. Thank you for this and the new life I started as a result of this. Janet - I lost my own mother some years ago. There's no replacing your mum, but she did so much good. Take comfort in that. Marie. 14/5/02

Dear Betty

Thank you for your special gift, for helping "Molly" with her ear problems, now 90% better. I was very sad to hear of your passing, everytime I used to go to Hassocks I annoyed my partner by saying "Betty Shine " lives here, anyway you are now in spirit, and I still feel that by looking at your picture I feel your energy.

Lots of love Jacqui

I was given Betty's book Mimd to Mind to read on holiday at the beggining of this month May 2002. I found it compelling reading, both in giving me the focus and strength to help in my life, but also a great comfort too in reasurring me that my parents are not lost to me, but are now on a better plane after thier sufferings. while reading I felt compelled to write to Betty as soon as possible when I returned home. So I was thrilled to be told by the friend that gave me the book that there was a web site that I could put down my thoughts and also get her other books from as well. I was so saddened when the first thing that I read was of Betty's passing, my heartfelt sympathy and love go out to all her familly. P Baines, Mirfield, England

Dearest Janet, I have heard, but dont know if it is through, that your beloved Mum, is not with us any more. It was in some spirtual magazines, so forgive me, if this is untrue. I send love and prayers to you, and your family, from Myself (Patricia Cunningham) and my Mum,(Teresa Cunningham)Ireland. Your mum is a saint, and a dear and wonderful lady, as you are also. Love and blessings always, Patricia

I feel that Betty was a lovely and talented lady and there will always be a piece of her in my heart.

It was a shame that she passed on although her work will be continued (My friends all borrow my books)

I never met Betty but I know in my heart that she was special

Regards and prayers to her family

Lucy aged 21


Thank you for all the books, healing, and positive inspiration. My deepest condolences to Janet and family, at this time.

Dear Betty, I only just heard, you passed the day before my birthday. I hope you had a safe journey. Thank you for your words of kindness you gave me nearly a year ago when my fiancee passed over in an accident. I'll miss you.

All my love. Karen xxx

To Janet, you still have a very special mum, she wrote about you with great love and affection nobody could fail to notice that. Be proud. Love to you always. Karen xxx

17th May 2002. Betty touched millions! Her generosity in healing made us indeed priveleged. We were honoured to have shared this earth with her. Our hearts celebrate with you Janet in your good fortune of having had this wonderful lady in your life. Diane from Australia.

I am a better person through reading Betty Shines books. I've been reading them for ten years and have learned so much, thank u Betty. And to Janet my thanks and hugs too. Rosie

Dear Janet

Through a link to this site from another one I have only just learnt that your dear mother has returned Home and I am shocked and very saddened. Like so many around the world it was through her wonderful books where she shared her spiritual knowledge and wisdom that she opened up a wonderful path for me and I have always regarded your mum as my first and the best Teacher while travelling my path.

I bought her first book and always eagerly awaited the next one and the enlightenment that I knew I would find within the pages, and they are still a constant source of reference for me, and always will be. I send my love and heartfelt condolences to you Janet and your family. May you find comfort in the knowledge that her Love and Light will always shine. God Bless. Anna. UK.

Just a few words to a lovely soul who gave so much to others with a pure heart.God bless you betty and all your family.


Dearest Inspirator Betty & Janet,

I cannot begin to tell you how much Betty touched my heart and soul. This lady was my very essence for living and going on after the death of my mum. Betty's books gave me a new lease of life on my spiritual path and gave me strength and encouragement when all around me came crashing down. Now Janet can carry on your wonderful work for spirit and my prayer's and thoughts will be with you always. Godbless you both and may you always live in the love and light.

Love always Joni and the Children xxxxxxxx


Dear Betty Thank you for your wonderful books and healing work. For all who believe know that your presence is still healing, loving and encouraging. Light and Love to Janet and yourself as well as all those who you continue to help.


Merry Meet Janet I came today seeking healing but was shocked & sadened to hear of Bettys passing. My heart goes out to you & your family. How blessed we all have been to have been touched by her in our lives. I have read her books & once asked for healing for my Husband with a Chronic condition he suffered from. After years on a waiting list for an opperation that would only offer temporary relief anyhow, he rapidly noticed an improvement once I contacted Betty. Today his condition is almost completely gone. It does seem odd though that in the last month or two it has resurfaced but to a much lesser degree, perhaps now I understand why. I wish you the very best & again offer my sincere condolences. Love & light to you & your family on your continuing journey. Bright Blessings Oceana Hurley

Dear Janet & Family,

My most sincere sympathy on the loss of your mother and friend, Betty Shine.

I felt she was my friend too. I have gained so much in my life as a result of reading her books. She inspired my desire to do healing and I have spoken to many people of her discoveries regarding Mind Energy. Her meditation "Mind Medicine Room" is one I use often.

I feel great comfort to know that she is on the "other side", where my own brother, Arnold, has gone on the 18th April, this year. I know he will be in great company!

Nonetheless, I feel the loss of such a wonderful person as Betty. I only just discovered your website today (Sunday 19.5.02). So I will be mourning her loss, alongside you, but also rejoicing in having known such a warm humanitarian.

My thoughts and love go to you.

All my love, Frances Peterson, T/a "Healing Vibrations". frances@blued.com.au


dear janet sorry to hear of your mothers death i dearly wanted my daughter una and myself go to her,as i know in my hearth she would have helped una as she was suffering a lot with a bad ailment please god she can still help people from the other side, she was a wonderful person. god rest her soul.rita and una.

Dear Janet, I'm very sad for your lost. It was a chock for me when I read it . I still can't understend it..... Betty was very special to me and every book tuch my heart. I was looking forward for every new book. She gave me hope and gave me hope for life and healing, which is my greatist wish to learn! What a lucky to have a mother like her!!! I hope you can go forward and that you will have the luck to meet her again soon in this life. My best wish for both of you. Love from Annette in Sweden

i am sorry for your sad loss although communicating in spirit should help to ameliorate the loss. i am a healer, with especial talents for brain damage, adhd and children. i was prompted to contact Betty by spirit in the last 2 days - had no address hence came to your site - i am a little puzzled to find her gone as i was asking for guidance in how to reach more people. I will still ask her.... Love and understanding - Sue Branch Sue.Branch@btinternet.com

Dear Janet, I am very sorry and saddened to hear of your mother's passing. My love and thoughts go out to you and your family. Love Rob

Thank you Betty


Dear Jane, Iam so sad to read your mother passed away.I am reading one of her books at the moment and has read also two others.What a remarkable women! I feel so peaceful everytime I pick up her book to read .She was so much loved! To think of all the people she helped from all over the world and still does,through her books , is amazing.All my deepest sympathy from my self and my sister ,two the many readers who was dreaming to meet her in person and to be helped by her in one way or the other. God bless you and your family as well as to you dear Betty who now are with your other loved ones. Love, Inez in Sweden

Dear Janet, I am saddened by the news about Betty. I feel like I have lost a member of my own family. Her books have been a savious to me through one of the most difficult times of my life, as have her responses to my letters. I know that her good work lives on. I am sure that you are so very proud of her but still miss her physical presence in your life. You are in my thoughts. with love Nara

Amazing how many people's lives she touched, isn't it? So many people who never met her, but who were touched by her in some way? You are one in a squillion Betty. Thankyou for your books and the comfort they brought. Love to Janet and all Betty's family. xx

Dear Janet I am very sorry at the passing over of your wonderful mum. Betty has passed over but I believe that she will continue to touch people's lives in her huge way, forever. I can feel your sadness at her loss and your marvellous determination to continue the work Betty carried out - I wish you well and I hope that we may meet oneday as we share so many beliefs and draw such strength from Betty's philosophy and healing. I would be honoured, if ever you had need of anything, if you would contact me. much love, Sandra. [s.davis30@ntlworld.com]

Thank you for the poem. I was beginning to think that I was alone. I thank God for the Internet because it means that I can talk to you again, at least in my head. Thank you Jane

I have three of Betty's books and 2 of Janets tapes., Betty helped me and inspired me, I am sorry to hear of her passing and wish Janet all the best in carrying out her work. moira mcmillan

i have only just come into spirituality, and i'm currently developing my own awareness. i was deeply saddened to hear of Betty's passing as her book 'my life as a medium' made me feel so humble and yet so warm and enlightened by her wonderful gift and selflessness for helping others. She is truly a special person who has touched many. To Janet i offer my sincere condolances. love and light. phil beswick

Dear Janet,

My thoughts are with you. Ihave read all your mum's work and she has been a great source of comfort to me, in fact, she has helped me to change my life for the better. I too lost my mum nearly 8 months to this day. Today I miss her bably it is my birthday.

Best wishes to you,

Janet xx

I have read all of Betty's books with deep admiration and have enormous respect for her. I was deeply saddened to read that Betty had passed on. My thoughts are with you at this time. I realise i never 'knew' Betty, however her books have changed my life. I am grateful that i can always read and re read her wonderful books which have provided me with excellent gifts such as the mind medicine room and remote viewing, and also it encouraged me to pursue my healing course.

Bless you and thank you also.

Kate Jones xx

Hello Janet (and Betty where you are)¨ I am sorry to see that Betty has passed away. My thaughts goes to you, the family that have had this lost. I was write to Betty a while ago, but I did not hear anything so I was re-write and then I got to know she had passed away about that time I wrote to hear. Very sad in did. Good to hear that she died peacefully in her own home. Hope you, Janet, is able to help in the same way she did. I have read her book, that was a great book and I believed in what she said there. Shall write back soon.

Love and Care from Inger in Norway

Dear Janet and Family, Both my husband and I had contact with Betty, and healing, over a twenty year period, she was quite wonderful. She truly did "shine", we loved her dearly and will always remember her infectious and at times quite naughty laughter and sense of fun. I am sure your loss is hard to bear and yet you know she would not wish you to be unhappy - she adored you. Chrissie and Keith Mason.

Dear Janet

I just wanted to say how sad I was to hear that betty had passed on, I wrote to her twice and on both occasions to my suprise I received an answer, I can only say that she must have been extremely devoted to helping people. It bought me much comfort to think that healing was being sent as at the time I was very ill, Im still not 100% recovered but I am almost there and im certain that Betty played a part in that. Thank you for your devotion Betty and thank you Janet for carrying on the service that she so kindly provided to the world.

With much love


I`m very sorry of losing betty because during the passed two weeks I read her book and know her, I live in Iran in the middle east. persons like her are more valuable for the humanity because peace is the unic thing that we need peace and calmness. I hope dear janet can continue betty~s way. As I have a fobi fobia and also olcerative colitis I need your help and want you to contact me on my e-mail add. I won`forget betty because I found many helpful considerations in her book. I think the name of the book is mind in mind or somthing like that. please accept my condulences. regards.Mahdokht

I am so sorry to hear of Betty's death. She was my Mentor for years. I have all her books except her latest one. I was called Betty Shine page 9 because I was always quoting her to my family. May she rest in Peace.

Margaret O'Leary

I was shocked to hear of Bettys passing ,she was too young, but her spirit lives on & I thank you for you teachings & for all your wonderful books etc. I am sorry I never got to meet you in person Betty ,but I will when my times up to cross over to the other side. Give my Mum my love as she passed away in Sept 2001 . All the best Janet. Love & light Juliet ( New Zealand)

We lost our 3 month old daughter the 2 April, she had a heart failure. A danish clairvoyant helped us to confirm, that our Hanna "has" gone to the other side, and this information is very helpful for us.

He also encouraged us to read some of the books of Betty Shine. We hope she will take care of Hanna.


I was shocked to read of the passing of Betty. She was too young & will be missed my millions like me. Thank you Betty for all your wonderful books & knowledge that you have passed on to me & everyone else. I am sorry I never got to meet you in person but I will one day I guess. Do give my Mum my love as she passed away in Sept 2001 . Love & God Bless Juliet ( NZ )


Betty was an inspiration to all of us. God bless you Dear Lady.

Dear Betty & Janet,

I am shocked to know about Betty's passing to spirit. At the same time, I am comforted by her own ideology that passing away from body to spirit is just a transition. You never really die.

What surprises is the date - March 26, 2002 as this was probably the time I got acquainted with Betty. I had casually picked up Betty's books from a book stall in Mumbai, India, where I stay - Mind to Mind and Mind Magic. I thought they were about mind-power or brain exercises, but when I read about her healing abilities I was glad I came to know about her and her work. I don't whether this was chance or just a way of providence to let me know someone as noble and kind as Betty exists. I never even knew her before. Then, later I was going through some difficult times in context of my dad , I wrote to her - through this website - asking for her pray for my dad. I could somehow not write to her by post - as the site insists - but miraculously everything went well and my dad was cured. I think she knew - just the thought that I was seeeking her reached and she prayed for me. I do not know much about psychic healing nor I am a very religious person, but one thing is for sure - I always be thankful to Betty for clearing my mind - about these opinions. At least, now I know that the spirit exists - there is after all a continumm to life. That thought eases the pain and fear of death from me. I pray to God - to bless Betty and you - and help all the noble souls like you - who are in their own little way trying to save this world and soothe humanity

If you ever have to know or find anything about India. Any work any inquiry, please feel free to contact me. My contact is as under :


Parvez A Mangalorewala 35, I M Merchant Road, Shaheen Mansion, 1st floor, Khadak, Mumbai (Bombay) 400 009. Maharashtra State, INDIA.

Phone : 91-22-34 555 28 / 34 564 50.

E-mail : parvezagm2@yahoo.co.in or parvez_m@rediffmail.com


I just wanted to express my sympathy and condolences about Bettys passing. She gave me her book mind magic Her book mind to mind had a big impression on me when I was going through a spiritual crisis.

Thank you Betty

Thank you Janet

Richard Wickes richard.wickes@web.de

Betty Shine's Mind Wworkbook has been a constant companion for me since 1996. Not only do I do her exercises myself, but she enriched my whole family because we all know and appreciate her work! Janet, may you have the inspiration to continue her work! Prayers do not know any boundaries - mine will reach you from Austria, Europe. When you miss Betty most, remember the wonderful 17 years and rejoice in the knowledge that she will always be with you! Esther

I felt sad when I read that Betty Shine had passed away to the other side. I am thankfull for her books, they have helpt thousands of people all over the world. I feel happiness and joy when I read them. We send our love to Janet and the rest of the family. Ulla-Britt// Sweden

Betty ...i only bought "mind magic"in march or april .. i suppose your passing says a lot ...i was expecting ?? and got no reply..i feel as if i know you but will have to wait till later. i thank you for your book. Janet and family ... my thoughts are with you, in many ways it is a new chapter, give thanks to your mum for me and may her passing strengthen you all , love sandy

Betty - thank you for being an inspiration to us all. With love, Judith

I needed somewhere to start and the answer came to me whilst trailing through a bookshop. Betty Shine thats where I'll start, my new beginning my unquenchable thirst for finding my spiritual path my true destiny here on earth. I only wish I found her work earlier. God bless. Debbie, Dagenham

Betty will be sadly missed but I know that she's happy and bathed in light where she is now. I thank her for all the inspiration and peace of mind that her books have given me and wish Janet the very best in her endeavours. Betty will always be proud of you.

Dear Janet,i am so sorry to here that Betty has passed over and is no longer with us,i would just like to thank her for all the wonderfull times she has given me though her books idealy i would loved to have meet her,that was just one of my wishes but now never to be achived,i also live like her in Spain in Alicante which i think was near to where you used to live.Thank you for this beautiful webb site i shall visit it very often ,time permitting. My love and thoghts go with you always Jean Westerby Calpe Alicnta Spain

Betty's words make so much sense to me and have struck a chord in me, verbalising and confirming alot of the feelings that I have long felt to be true. Janet, I hope you r doing ok and even though u might miss ur mum, you know that she is always with you, you have that certainty more than others thats for sure! My mum is the person who introduced me to Betty and she is currently struggling with cancer. She is my best friend and the person who started me thinking about my life in new ways. So, this is for all of you, great ladies, who are making such a difference to so many others. With Love Alex Penter, Aberdeen (udyaaron@hotmail.com)

Dear Janet Today , 9th june 2002 i have been researching on the net,visiting various sites(up all night in fact) I read one of Betty,s books several years ago, and decided to see if there was a site available. When I got through I was saddened to see that she had passed over,and remembered the influence her book had on me. She was a remarkable person .At the time of reading her book ,my life was all over the place ,I prayed to Betty for absent healing .I would like to return that favour to you now .Much love and thoughts to you and may you carry on the work that has helped so many. All the very best Keith Sherry

I had only started reading Betty's book in the last couple of months. They have been a great help and I would like to send my prayers and thoughts to you. I know you will miss your mother dearly but she will always be close to you in spirit. May God's love and light be with you always. Love Carolyn. Australia.

Betty, you were a wonderful, wonderful person. I never met you, but through your books, I felt that I knew you...and could understand many of your thoughts and visions for the future. To your daughter and family...I wish you deepest sympathy in your loss, but I know you will take heart that your mother was an inspiration to many and that in her lifetime...SHE MADE A DIFFERENCE. J Keeble

I have only just started to read Betty's books and feel that if I had known her she would have been a very good friend. I feel sorry that I didn't find her until it was too late.

Val Catlin

Hello Betty,I´m not that good in English but I hope you understand me. I have read your books and they helped me many times and they still are.I am sick and I wondered if You could help me, I would be so happy if you could contact me somehow. With Love Alexandra


Dear Janet, I have read 2 of Betty's books and somehow, I this has changed the way I see and feel things. I do wish I had the chance to actually meet and speak to her. My good wishes to you. Cheryll

So sorry to hear your news, although you know she will still be with you Janet you cannot help but miss the physical. My Grandmother was a medium and although I feel her presence around me and know she looks out for me I miss her dearly. I do know that I will see her face again and that she laughs with me at some things I do. I hope that your heart can be warmed with fond memories of laughter shared and tender moments spent with your Mother. Although I never met Betty I will miss her as she was such a wonderful soul and it made me feel safer knowing she was in the world. I send all my thoughts and prayers to you Janet and thank you for continuing the special work Betty began!!!!

I once read Betty shine's book..it was great .. but more compelling was not to believe when i failed to find what my heart was desperate to know....well, i don't know why there are too many humans on the face of this earth only if their aim were to be good and die...what makes each of us unique....millions die everyday....well what does all this means ....i am confused.....wel i am sorry perpahs i should learn to settle down and live like another human being wait for my death and untill then struggle around to make a living , keep people happy ....can i bypass this things- life is getting meaningless everyday ....could i ask you what does life mean....let me tel you what i think just perhaps i could help you know what i feel about this...if i were to a work , do my duty , help people and be happy should i feel satisfied as a human....you know at the point of my death - could i be happy when i look back as a good father, brother or good human...when i was all the while desparate to know things which others are not sure about...about whether they exsists ...anyway i would go on perhaps i waiting for the day things change at asudden wheni will be taugth the wisdom of truth...may god help everyone.....Thank you...

Dear Janet and family. Although I didnt have the pleasure of meeting Betty in person, she felt like a very special friend. I am not sure how to express what I am feeling after hearing of Betty's passing. She gave such a wonderful gift to me, and that was inspiration, and the courage to speak what I was feeling inside, and thought no one else was. Her legacy will blossom and grow forever Love Sue S from Chichester

My mother, who is not well, was given Mind to Mind by a friend of hers. I have just finished reading the book & thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I became aware of my talents as a medium at the age of 14, but in a way envy Betty for the strength of her connection to the next dimension and her great ability to help so many people. I only hope I can give half as much relief to people in my work as a Naturopath as Betty did during her time on Earth. Having just discovered this website, and reading of Betty's sad passing, I would like to convey my condolences to Janet and the family. I know she is close by and watching over you in the company of her mother. As many others have said, I wish I had had the pleasure of meeting Betty personally. I will reach out to her when on my next voyage to the Centre of the Universe.

Kindest thoughts and regards Nyree Mentiplay, Australia

i read your Book Mind Magic and i experienced dramatic changes in my life . I believe that mind is more powerful than a nuclier Bomb. Its my wish that all who are aware of the power of Mind should together work out some mind exercise that would lead this world to Peace And Happiness

Rupesh A. Patole India rupatole@hotmail.com


Dear Janet, My name is Jan, I am a medium and healer, although I hasten to add not of the same calibre as Betty - just starting out, and I never met your mother but spoke to her telepathetically. I am eternally indebted to her for her help and marvellous healing when I was very ill two years ago. I have read her books and have tried to follow her excellent example to help all living creatures in this world and to show tolerance and love and ask for healing for everyone who has asked and needed it. My hear to goes out to you at this time and your family. Your mother was and is and always will be very special and, although it is our loss to lose her, although we never really will, spirit I know are honoured to have her with them. I have communicated to Betty my love and to you also and if I am ever needed by her or you, I am sure she will tell me. May God bless Betty, yourself and all your family. Healing is with you now. XXX

Dear Betty! My name is Rose-Marie from Sweden. I have never had the oppertunity to meet you in person. But, just by reading your books and looking at your picture I can feel the heeling power. The energy of your lovely kind eyes. Thank you so much...your are a true inspiration.

Dear Janet! So sad to hear of your mothers passing.I know that even if your mother have left this earth life, YOU WILL STILL BE AN AMAZING TEAM TOGETHER. I send you and your family all my love :)

I was searching for a way to tap into my dormant spirituality a few years ago, and walked into a bookshop. I was drawn immediately to Betty's photo on the front of one of her books and picked it up. I started to read it by the bookshelves and before I knew it, I had lost 20 minutes and realised I was about 3 chapters into the book. I bought it and raced to the car, where I devoured most of it on the spot! Since then, I have read several of her books, and have found her both fascinating and enlightening. It was through reading these books that I remembered beings psychically disburbed by colour visions as a child. Her mind exercises have been fantastic and I can say she made a difference in my life. I was saddened to hear of Betty's death, but I am sure she's a very busy lady on the other side! Allyson, Qld, Australia

Dear Betty Shine,

for a very uplifting and positive book (Mind to Mind). It gave me a wonderful hope of healing for me and my loved ones.

All my love to you and to your daughter Janet

Anna, Malmö, Sweden

Dear Janet I am very sorry for Betty, but there is not dead, you know that. In your heart you have the place where you can meet her. We all can. Thanks and good luck! Maybe we meets some time. From all my heart Ritva from Sweden


Dearest Janet, My heart feels so heavy and my eye's are filled with tears. I cam here this evening to check your Mothers site,as I've been here for a while.I ws thinking of her today.As my daughter who's 3 told me she was going to heal my ear ache.It's something I read in Betty's book around this time last year.Teach your child to heal and they will.My ear feels much better.But My heart aches as I feel I've lost a friend,although I know she's watching over us all. I keep the letter Betty sent me in my perse,it's with me where ever I travel.I'm just sorry I never met her or wrote back to her to thank her for the wonderful work she did.She helped me so much through a very difficult time in my life.may God Bless you and your family.And Betty Thank you Kind Soul your Love and Light will always Shine

Dear,dear Janet with family!I got your letter today and you wrote that your mother passed into Spirit.I got very "touched"that you had the time to help me with healing my leg and tonight I will take your advise,lighting a candle at 9 pm,thinking of Betty and you.Tomorrow I will go to the bank and donate some money to you and your organisation.You wrote that my father is safe in Spirit and happy with he´s family,I do appreciate that very,very much.But,if you can and if you feel,I would be very,very happy if you could help me to get in touch with him.If possible of course.Cause I do understand very well,that you may have enogh with your own feelings now regarding your lovely mother.(My mothers name was Betty as well).So if possible,cause I´m not afraid any more,I have number 0046 to Sweden, than 8 270799,collectcall of course, and my name is Lena,to come in cantact with my dad. Now on Wednesday the 19th of June is exactly 1 year since he died,and in the morning I will go with flowers were he´s spreed in the wind,and pray for him.Thinking of you with all my love and hope,Lena Mellström.Also mail lena.mellstrm@telia.com.


My name is Britt Wackerhausen, I live in Denmark and have learnt about Betty Shine a short while ago, I am sorry to hear she has past on, but I´m happy that I have finaly found some beautiful books to read. Thank you...

Thank you for everything! Tack för allt du har gett mig i mitt liv! Tankar förklaringar men framförallt ditt ljusa sätt att se på allting. Jag läste dina böcker åter igen och praktiserade dina övningar. Döm om min förvåning när du några dagar senare besökte mig i min dröm. Du kom i en helikopter och landade på min mammas gård, iklädd en röd dräkt. Tack för att Du finns! Marielouise Wahlén Sweden.

My name is Orla I've just today received your letter, I am really sorry to hear that Betty passed away. I'm sure you will continue to do great work as Betty did. With love and light to you. Orla O'Connor

i'm so sorry to hear of your mother betty has passed over into spirit,she helped me so much & so many other people around the world,she will be greatly missed. She was a wonderful lady full of wisdom & knowledge & compassion for others.

caroline & katy myatt.

Dear Janet and Betty I have just finished reading 'My life as a medium', and I had to say firstly, how absolutley amazed I am by your power and strength, and above all faith. I am only just beginning to learn how to use my own spiritual gifts and I have a lot to learn, and it is amazingly helpful to read these books and gain a confidence and a real faith that I'm not going mad that these things really do happen.

Thank you so much xx

The knowledge of Betty's passing which I have just learnt after accessing Betty's web site today, has touched me deeply, as I am sure it has for the many people she has touched through her healing, friendships and her books. Although I never met Betty personally, only through reading her wonderfully inspiring books, I feel I truely knew her. I am so disappointed I left it too late to write to her. The healing work and genuine love that Betty bestowed upon the inhabitants of this planet, will be truely missed, as Betty will be. Yes, a great loss to all of us, people with her genuine dedication, compassion and her extraodinary healing abilities are extremely hard to find. I believe that Betty, from the spirit world, will continue to help the people on earth through you Janet. Janet I send from my heart, my sincere thoughts and best wishes. I am sure your mother, and many others like me, appreciate your dedication and sincerity in continuing to provide this wonderful service of healing, here on earth.

From a heartfelt friend Dorett Burman Brisbane Australia

God is blessed to have this wonderful woman now she's returned home to the Light... Betty gave myself and my mother healing, we will never forget her... Janet, we wish you love and peace..God Bless you all May the Angels always watch over you... Love and Light Anita

What a wonderful person,Betty is such an inspiration to us all.We need not have fear.She has taught us so much.Thankyou.

Dear Betty Shine, Thank you for writing all those books,which allways going to live in my heart. Thank you for you beeing you. I will always think highly of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul. Lots of LOVE... Madeleine Ström in Kristinehamn in Sweden.

Dear Janet, I'm sorry for the loss of your mother, Betty Shine. She has helped so many people around the world and I'm sure you will, too. Take care, and God Bless you all! Love, Anette Byhlin, Sweden

To Janet,

We send you our love here and we are all thinking of you. Betty has been a dear and comforting friend to us for the past 5 years, and although we shall miss her, we know that her work carried forward in your hands and that her presence still abides with us.

Helen, David and Norma. Who Betty helped so much with absent healing. Brisbane Australia.

Dear Janet

I was very sorry to read about the passing of your dear mother Betty. I only came accross her books yesterday and was taken up by them and thought I'd contact her for some help and advise. My heartfelt condolences to you and your family at this sad time. I wud still like some help from you when you have thetime cud you advise as to how I can make contact with you. I am in South Australia I can call you if you can give me a time and number. I am in need of help. Thankyou. Taina. taina@tell.net.au

It was for sure not an accident that I bought betty shine 's book just a few weeks before she died. I have never heard about her and this book of hers landed up in my possession, I bought this book in South Africa. I wrote a long letter to her the other day and was looking forward to meeting her one day or receiving a reply from her only to hear today on the internet that she had passed on. I wish you Janet and the family all the strength and love to carry on. I am positive that Betty will always be there to guide you as you go on with her work. Betty rest in peace!!!!love Louisa

We watched her breathing through the night Her breathing soft and low As in her breast the wave of life Kept heaving to and fro.

But when the dawn came dim and sad And chill with early showers Her quiet eyelids closed, she had Another morn than ours.

T. Hood

Goodbye Betty - we'll miss you. God bless.


Shirley Bigland and Liz Bigland xxxxxxx

Dear Janet

I left my home in the UK in August last year and moved to NZ until I return to the UK in December 2002. Although I have heard of some mediums I do not recall hearing your mothers name. I went to the library last week to get some books to help my daughter with her school project. A book called My Life as a Medium by Betty Shine with the photograph of such a beautiful lady on the front (her inner beauty shines through) leapt out at me and I had to borrow it. Once I had started reading it I just couldn't put it down. It made so much sense to me and confirmed so many things I felt, but in a realistic way, not in an airy fairy way. I have been told on more than one occasion that I am to be a healer and this book was so inspiring. I am concerned however that my mind is too limited at the moment and I had decided that I needed one of Betty's self help tapes or books. I finished her book this morning after which I went into meditation. I was taken way up into the Universe, past the moon, the sun and the stars and then went through a dark tunnel which felt like a vortex. There was a light at the end. I walked into a room which was circular and was greeted by an old stooped man who capered about a bit. He told me that I had reached the Universal Mind and that the dots on all the walls held all the data of all time. There was a machine of pale blue light in the centre which went up and down all the time and reminded me somewhat of Dr Who's Tardis. He said that whenever anyone put out a question and their mind was able to connect wth the Universal Mind the light from their mind connected with the light of the machine. This in turn connected with one of the dots which was the appropriate data and this information was sent back to the person via the beam of light. As I stood there marvelling at the simplicity of it all the little old man stood up straight. He held a staff in his hand and had a long grey beard and long grey hair. He looked like Gandalf out of the Lord of the Rings but he also looked like Father Time. He went round opening doors and showed me a room where surgeons were operating, another which was a laboratory and research was being carried out, another where artists were creating the most beautifully coloured pictures etc.

After this I decided to see if Betty had a web site so I could thank her for her beautiful book and to share my meditation with her to see if it fitted in with anything she had experienced. As you can see I found the web site but was so shocked and upset to read that she had died. She had been a living breathing person to me for the last few days as I read her book and I couldn't believe that all that time she had been in Spirit.

I send you both love and light at this time. I think you were both truly blessed, she for having a daughter such as you who worked with her and are keeping everything going now and you for having such a beautiful soul as your mother. You chose her well.

In love Penny. (If you have the opportunity to reply my e-mail address is psperring@excite.com)

I am Rosanna from Piacenza(Italy)I was looking for her to help me but now I am steel alone.I hope She will see me and my problems.I am just knowing She is not with us any moore but I am sure that all Her love will stay with us for ever and much more.Go on for Her dear Janet. Help and show others to do the same She deed for humanity.Regards ,Rosanna


you have lost your mother. I am saying a prayer for you right now which I hope gives you some small comfort. Love and Light to you at this difficult time Cora

Dear Janet and family,

The physical loss of such an enlightend soul must be crushingly sad. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Thank out loud that we have and do know so much goodness, laughter, light and optimism. Your mother is the brightest star, never to stop shining.

Thankyou for all your help, and wishing you the very very best for the future.

Love everlasting Auberon xxx

I'm sorry that I never met you Betty. I think you are a very special being and I'm sure that your energy will live on forever. I would have loved to talk with you and share ideas and thoughts, maybe your experience and attitude would have helped me be a better person and understand myself more so that I could help others. I feel that I am on a journey of discovery and I am eager to learn more. I hope your family and friends keep well and are still touched by having known you. Cheryl Hale

I´m so sorry. Sorry because i didn´t have the chance to meet you, didn´t have the chance to thank you for the miracle you let me learn to see. I know that your spirit and soul peacefully rest in us. I´m glad that you done your work on earth so well. All love to You, Betty and your family. May we all continue to live as we learned from You! Pethra

Janet & Family: I just found out about Betty today, and my heart goes out to you and your family. I know what it is like to lose one's mother, but Betty was extra special as she was everyone's mother in what she inspired in all of us through her many books and may each of us keep continuing her good work through our own spiritual work. Betty's name was so appropriate "Shine" she did shine from the covers of her books and made you feel connected to her. May she continue her good work from the spirit realm. May the sun "shine" on you and your family Janet and whenever I think of you all I will send distance healing. God Bless. Margaret marglamb@attcanada.ca

I loved your wisdom I loved your smiles You are invisible on earth but enduring in heaven

Love Alice

i love your books. You have really helped me threw hard parts of my life!!! Thank you Love Helena/Sweden

Dear janet I work as a Danish medium in Danmark. Betty was a great inspiration for me. As a human an also as a proff. Medium. I hope you will get all the support you need to continue betty´s great work.. Nichlas Farup danmark   

I am 31 years of age and have only just had the opportunity of learning about Betty shine through a book i came across in the local library in the borough of Wigan –Lancashire several weeks ago.

I find i am constantly renewing the book, which is fascinating reading. this book so far  has been a positive outlet to channel my personal agonies and pain. I was the victim of domestic violence and social services stole my three wonderful daughters. I have been unjustly excluded from their lives for over 2 1/years now. I have continued to appeal to Tony Blair and all government members for help. The book ‘free spirit ‘is right at this moment helping me somehow to keep holding on to hope and faith amidst all the great suffering inflicted upon myself and my grieving fro my daughters, as well as the badness seen in the world. I will seek out all Betty's other publications. Betty was a remarkable lady. We certainly need more people like her on this planet! Betty made a wonderful inspirational contribution to mankind with her compassion, humility and understanding.

I have been so impressed with the material she wrote contained in her book.

 I checked the websites for info on her today, sadly to discover she has passed away,i'm keep filling up with  tears here at the library!

My condolences go to her daughter Janet; Betty was a mother to be proud of. Betty has touched my life so much in the past few weeks were I’ve only just appeared to hear about her through her marvelous book here at the local library.

I thank you dearly for your genuine love Betty.

You will continue to shine on in many peoples hearts...x

Lots respect

Julie Ann Farrington.


Betty Shine touched my heart. I first read Betty’s work approximately  3 years ago, a book passed on by a friend. I immediately went out to buy another and came home with “Mind Magic”. Over the years I’d pick Mind Magic from the bookshelf and gain solace and insight, inspiration  and a feeling of “one-ness”.

I’ve been feeling a bit lost lately and this week, once again, looked to Betty. Already I feel a renewed sense of purpose, a strength , courage and conviction that have been sadly lacking for a while now. 

Although I had sent out psychic requests for Bettys’ help in the past I had not attempted to make written contact. Like many other people I would have been delighted to meet Betty in person, what an amazingly strong woman she was to dedicate her life to others. 

This morning I logged in to the Betty and Janet website and this was when I found that Betty had moved on to the next phase of her life………..what a shock.

I sat dumbfounded for awhile, sad that I had never known this woman personally, but then I realized that of course I had. Perhaps not in the flesh but definitely in spirit. 

The world’s a greater , sweeter, lovelier place for having had Betty Shine. Thanks Betty.  

Glenda.     Australia

Betty Shine have a special place in my heart and untill today I thought she
was still alive.
First I felt sorrow and then I realized that she is just fine. She is my
rollmodell in life.
She brought light and faith into my life when I needed it the most, by her
book: Mind Magic.
I have read the book several times to maintaine the good energi. She is
simply amazing!...
Love to you Janet for maintaining your mothers work.

            Love Jorunn Landsverk Johansen
                Notodden, NORWAY

I have just finished reading "My Life as a Medium" and found it really riveting and interesting.
Sometimes when I was reading, I felt very warm and lots of wonderful energy building up from my heart downwards - a very loving feeling.
When I first borrowed the book from the local library, I thought Betty was still alive (I suppose she is anyway but in a different dimension to us), and was sad in one sense to hear that she died 3 years ago.  I'm sure she continues to work on the other side.
What an absolutely marvellous woman she was; her books are so inspirational and I will be reading more and will look forward to do the mind medicine room.
Take care and God bless.
Bridget Carter

I wrote to betty on several occasions during a difficult time in my life. She
replied to all of my letters, with short but simple answers to my Personal
issues. I still link in to her today and without fail that feeling of well
being comes gently trickling in. I still read all of her books and without
fail an answer to that question at the back of my mind, is within them
somewhere. I will never forget you Betty. The power you gave me to help
myself. I know you will probably not forget me either.
Love. Paul. (musician) Manchester.UK

In 1994 I read a book by your mother, Betty Shine, and her words set me up upon my spiritual pathway - I had suffered anxiety and depression for many years - but the words and thoughts that Betty gave inspired me beyond belief.
My heartfelt prayers for your continued work for Divine Spirit - love and light
You must have been the most wonderful person that walked the earth. A wonderful lady that has had and accomplished a truly noble mission in life. I have read your books ( and not only once), and was taken by the beauty and simplicity of it all. There is this incredible magic that reaches out of your books in a way of very unique intimacy as if your spirit comes out  to touch our souls and to comfort, and protect us with your love. It is a powerful feeling of one-ness that stays on. No other spiritual/healing book has given me more comfort, insight and strength, than your Mind-Series books, your Magic truly shines through...


Thank you for sharing with us your knowledge and experiences. Through you I found answers to my spiritual cravings, and confirmation of the things I always in some way felt and knew were there. In the process  I discovered my own healing powers, which I have just started to learn to put to good use.  I am very sad I never got a chance to meet you, but who knows, it certainly would be something to look forward to in the next dimension.  Angels must be happy to have you around, but then - you are one of them. Hope you are `home `and well.
Hope you will always have Divine Love and Light on your Spiritual Journey just as you unselfishly shared your Love & light with us all throughout your life ( and after).
Your soul was truly a unique gift to us all.  Love to you, always. You "shine on" !!!
Love to you Janet, and your family, you are truly blessed to be able to walk this noble path of helping and kindness, good luck...
keep up the good work
Thanks to Mike Zitaglio, for making it possible, for us to meet (electronically) and share our thought on Betty and Universal Love.
God Bless.
Dear beloved family of Betty, I am so sad for your lost. so sad but glad that Betty's heart will beat forever in you.
I read a book of her for some years ago and she really got into me. I could almost feel her light, her spirit, her honesty. Thank you  

I have read quite a few of Betty Shine’s books and she and Janet have helped me over the years. I was sad to hear about her passing.  

I first contacted Betty Shine twelve years ago when our beloved pet Lizzie a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was injured in an accident. I was desperate to help her after she became paralysed when she clashed with our other Cavalier, Eva, over a bone. Initially it seemed either her back was injured as a lesion showed up on an =x-ray or there was brain damage. She was kept in a clinic for a few days and my partner Nicky and I were advised that although she had been badly injured she would fully recover and walk. We were so relieved, but after we took her home she made a few faltering steps and then fell over. We couldn’t give up hope and saw various vets and specialists and finally told that she had lost her co-ordination and would not recover. It wasn’t until I wrote to Betty Shine that I felt there was hope. I asked Betty if Lizzie would walk again and she said she would. Although Lizzie didn’t walk properly she did manage to move around in her own way and coped for another eight years. We looked after her and she brought so much joy into our lives. All she wanted was to be with us. Sadly she died 4 years ago and Eva died a few months before then. We thought our lives would never be the same again; then Cerys and Cede two beautiful Cavaliers who we love dearly came into our lives shortly afterwards and have brought us joy ever since. 

Last year Nicky my partner of 33 years was diagnosed with colon cancer and although the prognosis was good he had to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy and a major operation. I wrote to Janet and she said he would sail through his chemo and radiotherapy. I was comforted by her words and kindness and somehow peaceful although very worried and traumatised by it all.  He did sail through the chemo and radiotherapy but had a terrible and traumatic time in hospital. I remember thinking it was like he was going into a dark tunnel and I didn’t know if he would come out the other side.  He had four operations, was in hospital for over six weeks and had a temporary ileostomy for seven months. I felt like I was in a bad dream. The ileostomy has now been reversed and he is looking wonderful. He is undergoing chemotherapy until the end of May and doing really well. He gets tired but is so positive and upbeat, it gets him and me through.  

I want to thank Betty and Janet Shine for their support and giving me the strength to help Nicky. It has been a long struggle and it is not over yet, and I am sure Betty is watching over us still. 

I read “Mind Energies and Positive Thought- a Quick Tonic” every day and it works.

 God bless you Janet and your mother Betty, both truly wonderful and gifted human beings. 

Best Wishes and Love 

David Kinghorn



I have recently found Betty’s book ‘My Life as a Medium’ in our local library and have been enthralled by it!  Wanting to learn more about Betty and her gifts I stumbled upon the home page and have just learnt that she passed away 3 years ago.  How sad I am that I didn’t meet this wonderful soul!  Thank you Betty for your books which give so much comfort and endure even after your passing. Janet I wish you well in continuing Betty’s important work.


Bronwen Barnes



I just finished reading my first Betty Shine book ”Mind to Mind” and I loved it.

I can feel that this book is going to change my life one way or the other.


Anja, Norway

I bought Betty's book Mind waves a number of years ago, and I was hooked. I felt as if she and I were on the same wave length. What she said was true and I quote the phrase Like minded. I too believe that we are all connected to the universe by the mind.
I had occasion to write to betty as my son had hearing problems in his right ear. he had been for a medical and failed it. they gave him another try the next week, and he failed it too. they said they would give him one more try, so I wrote to Betty.
Betty said she would do healing for him. the day he had to go for his medical, he asked me if I had written to Betty, and I asked him why. he said he had a warmth in the right ear. He went that day for the medical, and he passed.
Before that I was going through a problem of many in my marriage which resulted in a very acrimonious divorce. Betty's books helped me so much that I owe a great deal to Betty's words of wisdom. Eight years later, my whole world is perfect, and I have to thank Betty for that. Reading her books was a turning point in my life. when I'm having any problem at all, I just think of Betty, and i know she is there. Good luck to you Janet. Keep up the good work that Betty started, and that you will continue. I never met Betty but her healing power will not leave just because she is not in the material world. Just know betty is only a thought away.
Cecilia Buchanan Edinburgh 



I have just read the book “mind to mind” by Betty Shine and I could not put it down. All the time I was wondering what would be her age now and whether she was still alive [9 Feb 2007!]. I now find out on the net that she has passed on. My sympathy to you and your family. I intend reading all her books as they are very inspirational. Good thing that she did write those books as we would not  known of her or the fantastic work she did with healing people and animals. All the best to you Janet and we know she will be guiding you always.

 xxxxxx..From Loshnee Maharaj, Durban South Africa..xxxxxxxxx



A little late in the day, I know, as I felt that Betty was no longer on
the physical plain but did not check that fact until today.
Betty, through her books, made such an impact on my life and continues to do so.  It was my readings of Betty's books that awoke the healer in me.  I have been a healer and psychic in previous lives but that fact lay dormant in this incarnation.  Until I came across Betty Shine, that is.  Long before it became "fashionable" and "New Age" to develop the spiritual side of our nature, Betty showed the way, a shining beacon for us all.
I believe that when we go the the Light, the Universe benefits and so do we all.  Betty was the epitome of love and knowledge.
I have passed on her books to my daughter in the hope that she, too,
will benefit from them.

Love and light
Stephanie Parkes



Dear Betty,

With great joy I read your books during the last years. The one I like most is 'Mind to Mind'. There are such good exercises, which often helped me to link  up with the positive energy field of the cosmos.

The optimism and the warmth of your heart are really wonderful - even now I feel the vibrations of a beautiful energy field coming through, and I know that you are there. How much would I have liked to get a personal healing of You. Still - I believe in the absent healing, spiritual healing, that You give and so you will always be there.


Rosemarie Sievers



I first 'met' Betty through a friend who sent her book 'Mind to Mind' from Kenya twelve years ago. Everything she wrote was clear and very down to earth. Very simple and very direct and very true. When I decided to write to her, she wrote back and sent a letter back with energy. I have since then framed her letter, and her letter goes beside my bed. It is still there until now. I cherish our brief contact with her. Twelve years after I read her first book...I recently went to see my brother who was sick and is in UK, a different country...and I thought of Betty. Thinking how great it would be if I could ask her shining magic - yet knowing that she has passed on. As I went to my brother's room, I felt I was called by a book. I looked around...and there was Betty's book 'Mind Magic' sitting inconspicuously on top of a drawer with other books. It was the magic that Betty is so well known for. I told him to read the book and to have her book close to his bed. Now I can talk about medicine room with my brother. He is going into surgery today (6/6/2007) at 10 AM in UK... It's just calming to know that 'she is still there'...and so is her legacy. So for Betty, thank you for Gift and for your legacy. Thank you to all the spirits who gave her a hand. You will always live in our hearts. And Janet...you are indeed very lucky to have a Universal Mother like her. She shines and I know you will too.

Joy - Indonesia



Dear Janet,
I just now (can you believe it!) read about your mother and her gift of
healing.  I searched the internet and came to this memorial site.  I am so very sorry to hear of your moms passing into spirit.  You will miss her, and so will the folks like me who so wanted to hear from her and receive a healing from her. I firmly believe (as she stated in her book Mind to Mind) that if I can think of her, and tap into to her, she can still help me in my personal dilemma.
I will do just that!
Janet, keep the flame burning...we still all need guidance!

Love Always,
Marion Lopizzo from Canada


To Betty Shine,...
Thank you for making my life better than I was at that time, when I was around 24 years old going through bad time. Even though I have not met you in person but our thoughts have crossed and touched.
Many years ago, I remember reading about the Universal law in your book, and I wish to share this what I have wrote in addition of Universal Law being gathering thoughts from everywhere and some are created of my own....
Universal Law
1. Universe are connect with Path.
2. Open your mind to yourselves and to the Path.
3. Do not let yourselves stray from the Path.
4. Universe are forever expanding and connect.
5. Always look away from Enemy and keep to Path.
6. The Path is simple being light and good.
7. Feel the Path fill you with joy and peace.
8. Feel the Path fill you with the ultimate energy and warmth of love.
9. Feel Path heal you.
10. Feel the Path guide you.
David  V from Manchester, England


I am saddened that I will never have the pleasure to meet Betty personally. I have read a couple of her books and they are so inspiring and down to earth that I feel I know her. I only wish that I have half the love and compassion as a healer that Betty clearly does. What an inspiration. Thank you Betty.
Nigel Violette
Suffolk England

Dear Betty Shine,

You have been a very special woman. I am reading one of your books and I am sure the reading will make a difference for the rest of my life in a positive way. It is a joy to know that your daughter continues your wonderful work.


 Marianne, Denmark



Betty! Having just read your book, My Life As a Medium for the second time and it was Spirits wish for me to do so as the book was poking out of the book case at a precarious angle, you have confirmed and reaffirmed for me things that I needed to know and things I needed to remember. I thank you and am indeed very grateful for your help. I was saddened to hear of your passing knowing that the physical earth had lost a wonderful soul but what we lose in the physical we more than make up in the spiritual.

Love and deepest respect, A fellow Soul, Margaret

Dear Betty
Thank you. Your book "The Infinite Mind" solved so many things for me.
As Living in technological world, the need to find differences between a human and somethings
like robots is important. "The Infinite Mind" was complete as you were.
I am happy that I lived in the time that you lived too.
From East



Dearest Betty Shine,
This is the second time in this life I have written to you and reached out, though the first time, I was seeking spiritual guidance and help with long term depression, this time I want to reach out to you, to thank you for your time in replying all those years ago, for sharing some of your valuable time with me, and for giving me what I requested, peace of mind and the tools to learn how to cope with my mental health. Although you are no longer on this plane, your spirit, soul and memory will always remain, and your lessons will always continue to help and aid others in need.
You were and are indeed a very special woman, and I will always be eternally grateful that this world has experienced someone as truly amazing as you.
To Janet,
Thank you for continuing your mothers exceptional work and healing, if the world held more people in it like yourself and your Mum, there would be less trauma and sadness, although your loss must have been great and dreadful, it must bring you peace to know she will never really be gone. Her spirit, her words and her love for all people, will always keep her alive in our hearts and the universal.
forever in my thoughts




I have been reading Betty's first book and have conected with it well, not put it down which means i love it. So i thought i would look her up on the internet just to find out she has passed. so i might not be able to meet her in person , but i know by reading her books i'm meeting her in spirit.
Thanks for leaving behind your words of wisdom and teachings they will live on forever .
Sandra Munro Uk



I first heard Betty on the local radio station in Brighton when I was 14 (I'm now 36). I listened to it under the covers as it was on later than I was allowed to be up! She was my first introduction to information on the spirit world that would take me on a journey I'm still traveling now.

I eagerly absorbed all her books, and even wrote to her and she kindly agreed to send my mother absent healing (I still have her letter today).  She will always be the original psychic and healer to me.

I remember her fondly, and send her my thanks.



Dear Janet
I have never had the courage to write on a public page.
I was recently given a copy of Your Mother's book "Mind to Mind'
I went to sleep holding it like a dear  new friend that understood me.
The only thing I ever really wanted to be was a doctor, a healer.
I had rotten marks in math and science so never believed I could be a healer.
The joy of really knowing there was another way.
Betty Has opened a new way.
A new kind of journey has begun  for me one loving thought at a time.
I am so grateful to you both for the light  and love you are sharing.
I write to you as a way of making a new commitment to healing in this world.
Thank you Betty simply for giving me the courage to write and try this healing journey with your guidance. 
And to you Janet for continuing this wonderful work.
With Love from Monica in China


Hello Janet!
Please forgive me my bad english!
I just recoverd a site with your namn, a special guestbok, where you could write some words to Betty Shine in memorian.
I am so very sorry for that I haven´t  met Betty in this life,
When I first started to read Bettys books before year 1999
I hoped that I some day will meet Betty.
And when her book the free spirit came out, and I read that she was not among us
any more, it felt like my heart was broken.
I sometimes pray for help, when I am doing my healing for my patiens
and Betty is allways om my mind
I allways thank Betty for her exixtens
My word to Betty is, that I want to thank you for all the work you have done
for healing of all kind

and I will allways have you in my heart
I maybe never be as good as you have been
But I try to help people every day, in every possible way I can
at the rest of my live, as I have done so far
Good Bless You Betty and Your family With Love
With Love from Hillevi; Våxtorp, Sweden



I was so sad to hear that Betty Shine has passed away. I have read all her books but I learned about positivity and the revolutionary impact it can have on your life by accidentally stumbling upon 'Mind to Mind'. At the time I was going through a difficult time in my life. The book opened up new avenues in my life. The world nowadays is in need of people like Betty, especially where I come from and that is Pakistan. Please send me some pictures of her if you can. Also, are there any live interviews (on T.V. or otherwise) as I would like to see them.

Haider Durrani
Peshawar - Pakistan



Dear Betty

I didn’t know anything about the spirituality before I read Mind to Mind. It was just like a new era for me with wonderful new experiences. I can see things around me differently. I just would like to thank you for letting us to know that there is a life after here and it is beautiful and fair. God bless you

Lot of love

Adrineh Hovanessian


In 1989 when I most needed help during a huge life transition, Betty's Book Mind to Mind, her kind letter and morning and evening tuning in sessions helped me beyond words to find my healing path and begin the inner reconnection process. May Betty and all others who have been drawn to her healing spirit be forever blessed.

Thank you.



Thank you betty for your continuous healing, you are an amazing source of inspiration and you are right we don't go anywhere else once the connection has been made we are all in this soup together quantum or not. I am amazed you can still communicate from here (does that sound daft?), but I have made my reconnection to spirituality and wound up on your page after looking at bronchitis and copd on a health website now all I need is somewhere I can study parapsychology at a low cost.

Thank you Janet for putting this page up your mam's alive and kicking.

 Blessed Be



Dear Betty, precious soul, I found out about your books just now and then found out that you had gone to be with the angels.  You are an angel and so special.  You blessed so many people with your knowledge, love and light and helped so many people by sharing your gifts with them.  I am grateful to God to have been guided to you, your books and wisdom.  It is going to help me and for this, I am so grateful and humbled.  You are heavenly sent.  God bless you.  It is a time of rejoicing, song, laughter, dance, hugs and so much happiness for you as you are in a beautiful heavenly place.  You are blessed to have such a special daughter, Janet, who is carrying on with the healing work. 

Sending you much love, light and love Betty,

love Lynn Hume, British Columbia, Canada




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