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From the book 'A Mind of Your Own': Chapter 56 


                          Energy is Eternal Delight.
                                  William Blake
                                  1757 - 1827  

My ability to study energies clairvoyantly has given me an insight into the minds of all living things.

We are energy beings first and foremost. Without our energy counterpart of the physical body, we would not be here at this moment. But stress causes energy blockages in the physical system causing distress and dis-ease.

Do not underestimate the power of the mind. It is the mind that first of all gives birth to the thought - both positive and negative. It created the atom bomb, and has been the cause of all the destructive elements around the world. That is the negative side. The positive side is that it also creates the beautiful things in the world. It is the creator of great art and counteracts the negative energies which would otherwise take over the world. It make waves - waves of love, compassion and understanding - and it heals.

Visualisation: You have been made aware that a relative living abroad has become very ill. As you have not spoken for many years you feel unable to write or phone. However, you know the power of positive thought and send loving thoughts to the patient. Every day, at the same hour, your love is formed by thought and sent along the energy network that surrounds the globe to reach its destination.

Three weeks have passed and you begin to wonder whether your healing thoughts reached their destination. Then you receive a letter from the patient, which says, 'I know that we have not spoken for some time, but every day I can see you face, smiling at me. I wonder why? Although I have been quite ill, the doctor has been amazed at my rapid recovery. My illness has made me aware of how stupid it is for us not to be friends. Please write.'

Why not try giving healing to someone in need and make use of the incredible energies that surround us and give us life.

Affirmation: Energy is life. Life is fantastic.



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