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A lifetime of healing has given Betty Shine an insight into the inhumanity that prevails in today's society. Though many people try to sweep these issues under the carpet, the interaction between every living thing on this planet affects us all. In fact, so many life forms have become extinct, it is only a matter of time before it happens to us.

There is a way out, and that is for everyone who cares about our planet to take up the challenges represented in this book. With courage and tenacity you can become a Free Spirit. Whether an animal lover or simply seeking to improve your relationships, this book will give you a simple philosophy that could change your life.

In A Free Spirit, Betty Shine not only shares her own remarkable gifts but she also recalls the experiences of her readers when their own healing abilities have been revealed at the time they needed them most. You will be inspired by Betty's relentless campaign against cruelty, both in the animal kingdom and our own, but her greatest gift to you will be the key to the doors of your mind that would otherwise remain closed.

Betty Shine has spent the better part of her life as a healer, giving her a unique insight into everybody's needs and helping her to influence people to be free spirits.

But Betty's abilities have also allowed her to strike up the most amazing rapport with all forms of life. She has a remarkable collection of stories to tell of how she has communicated with and healed dogs, cats, horses, how she found lost pets, saved game birds from slaughter, and even been able to protect people halfway round the world from attack by wild dogs. She also has incredible success with plants, and has cleared insect infestations with the power of her mind.

Written in the intimate and conversational style of her previous books, this new examination of the power of the mind will be welcomed by both her devoted readers and anyone who has a fascination for animals and a desire to make our world a better place.

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