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A Tribute to Betty Shine  1929-2002

spiritual giftsBetty Shine was born in Kennington in 1929, and lived on the south coast. Betty was without doubt the most famous and influential medium alive. Highly respected for her remarkable psychic powers and healing skills, she used her extraordinary gift to help, comfort and provide inspiration to many thousands of people from all walks of life. Her best-selling books have won her a legion of followers around the world, and few who have come into contact with her remained in any doubts at all that her gifts are both genuine and powerful.

Betty trained as a professional opera singer. She adored being on stage and loved to feel the pulsating energy of the audience. Betty never intended to become a healer, but fate took a hand and in her destiny she became the very best.

Betty's first best-selling book 'Mind to Mind; was published in 1989, and tells her story. Like Betty herself, it is cheerful, down-to-earth, and full of humour. It reveals how she became aware of her gifts; and how she has used her experiences of mind energy to help others, illustrating with a wide variety of examples and case histories.

This was followed by 'Mind Magic' which explains how mediums receive messages and produce evidence of survival, how absent healing is given and how the Universal Mind links up with our intuition. This book was aimed to exercise our own healing powers for the good of others, and ourselves. And in so doing, many will embark on a new, exciting and fulfilling journey as we begin to fathom the magic of our minds.

Her third mind book 'Mind Waves' explores the waves which we all project and which invade everything around us, controlling not only our private lives, but the world as a whole. A number of other books followed, including 'Infinite Mind' that examines the Mind/Brain phenomenon. Betty presents the evidence that she has accumulated over the past quarter of a century for the existence of the Mind independent of the biological functions of the Brain. Coming to terms with this fundamental truth allows one to reassess not only the meaning of 'life' but also the unmeaning of 'death'.

Betty helped so many people to overcome the fear of death and I can only imagine that there were some joyful celebrations on the 'other side' when Betty made her transition, our loss their gain.

Betty had a marvelous ability to communicate through her books and tapes and was funny and warm like a close friend and this she will continue to be to thousands of people all over the world. Betty's incredible best-selling books were written in a very simple, clear and truthful way allowing the reader to understand a very complex subject. As a leading medium and healer, Betty has given a formidable insight into issues that most people are too nervous to address. Her books contain true stories and observations that capture the readers' imagination and make them think.

She reached out to everyone and touched their soul with her sense of humour and love, which only a truly magical spiritual teacher can do. She used her gifts and energy in a wonderful way to enable those she touched to develop, as one of the titles of her books say, 'A Mind Of Your Own'.

Betty's surname 'Shine' was very appropriate because she was so so radiant, full of light and energy, she could have lit up a power station! She always said 'To give is better than to receive' and she lived up to her philosophy. She bridged the great divide between this world and the next and her soul will live on to begin the new amazing chapter of her life. Betty is truly a remarkable person.

Thank you Betty for your Love and unbelievable Spiritual guidance. We all know you will be with us forever.


Janet Shine 


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