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From the book 'Mind to Mind': Chapter 3, Section 1

The public at large love to look upon mediums as mysterious, magical or evil, depending on what stimulates them most! I would like to explain some of the mysteries surrounding mediumship and try to correct the distorted image that many people conjure up in their minds when the word is mentioned.

Most people are unaware of the energies that surround us all, and even those who are aware may not give much thought to them. Why should they? Earning a living and looking after a family are enough to occupy most people's minds. It is only when things go wrong and the normal channels prove inadequate to help that people look for someone who can offer them hope and peace.

Perhaps you have lost a partner or a relative. You may have heard about survival evidence, but you are frightened to visit a medium because you have heard peculiar stories about them. Let me reassure you. When you visit a reputable medium you will probably come face to face with a quite ordinary-looking person, who will certainly put you at your ease. If you find yourself with any other kind - don't go back!

Practically all professional mediums and healers are down-to-earth ordinary people who do not consider themselves to be special. They use their talents every day and accept them as normal rather than as paranormal. Just as with any gift - whether it's music, carpentry, or surgery - the more the gift is used, the more adept the user becomes.

To be a medium is to be a teacher: mediums are fed with information for the benefit of mankind. None of us know it all, but at least we can use our professional skills to help others to learn. All types of teacher are needed today; not least, truly spiritual teachers - who should not be confused with religious teachers, not all of whom could be described as spiritual!

I have only visited four mediums in my life, all of whom were excellent. If I need help for anything, from medicine to car maintenance, I always try to find the most talented and highly recommended professional. Seeking a medium should be exactly the same; if you don't want to be disappointed or misled, be sure to choose the very best. Recommendation from someone who has already been helped is usually the safest way, but if you don't know of anyone personally there are organizations you can contact:

College of Psychic Studies
16 Queensbury Place
London, England SW7 2EB
Tel: 071-589-3292
Spiritualist Association of Great Britain
33 Belgrave Square
London, England SW1X 8QB
Tel: 071-235-3351

My healing work and my mediumship constantly overlap. Healing, I must confess, is my first love and a tremendous challenge. However, clairvoyance and survival evidence have a very important place in my work, showing as they do the extraordinary powers of mind energy, and proving that the mind survives the death of the physical body.

'Survival evidence' is the term used to describe messages from people who are 'dead'. Mediums receive them either in the form of telepathic communication from a dead person or by actually 'hearing' their voice, through clairaudience. There are many different ways of hearing: voices may be heard inside or outside your head, or the thought may just appear telepathically in your mind. More often than not the medium simultaneously receives a clairvoyant picture, which enables him to describe the speaker to the sitter.

Clairvoyance means 'clear seeing'; it is the gift of clear vision, usually into the future, and it has been used to help people throughout the ages. It is an extension of the faculty of intuition, which everyone has to some extent, and differs from survival evidence in that it does not necessarily involve direct communication from individual minds. My own explanation is that I tune in to universal energies, rather like turning on a television set, and receive words and pictures as though I am plugging into a vast telecommunications system.

There are several ways of receiving clairvoyance. Some seven years ago I was given a lot of information about my own future and my family's through automatic writing. I found myself covering sheets of paper every day; a great deal of it has already come true, and I know there is more to come!

Clairvoyance also enables you to see into the past. A few years ago I visited Biggin Hill with some friends. I was sitting quietly in the sun while they looked at the planes when suddenly the scene changed dramatically. I was taken back to the time of the Second World War; I watched, fascinated, as men in wartime flying gear and fitters in dunagrees rushed to and fro. This flashback must have been only a few minutes long, but it seemed to last forever.

I find that most of the clairvoyance I receive is positive. I never forecast disasters; indeed, I am rarely given negative information, thought I may get warnings which can avert unhappiness if they are heeded. There are some mediums who predict disasters and death, this is thoroughly irresponsible. Even if I received such information I would question whether I was a hundred per cent right. But, being a very positive person myself, I only attract positive minds.

I do have some reservations about clairvoyance, however. For some people, wanting to know the future can become a sort of drug: they want it again and again, especially when they are given information that turns out to be accurate. Like any form of addiction this can be dangerous, negating the person's independence and self-responsibility.

I have also been told many times by clients that after having received clairvoyance they feel that they can sit back and allow things to happen. Then, when the predicted events don't happen straight away, they become frustrated and sometimes angry. When I realized that people were sitting back and doing nothing I felt quite upset, and didn't want to give any more clairvoyance - in fact my friends think I'm mean because I am unwilling to give them sittings. But I honestly find that, much more effective than predicting wonderful futures, is to tell people about mind energy and encourage them to use it to create their own wonderful futures!

Three years before I met Alan I visited a medium in London who told me that the man with whom I was to share the rest of my life would come to live with me when the daffodils were out. Every year as the daffodils came and went, I used to joke about it. 'Where is this man?' I'd complain to Janet. But I didn't take it too seriously, and carried on with the rest of my life.

I love daffodils, and one autumn I planted a thousand bulbs in my garden. It was about a month later that Michael Bentine told me that the man who would share my life would be with me in the spring. The following March, Alan and I were enjoying together the most beautiful spring I can ever remember, with daffodils everywhere we went! I should also have been told to plant my own!

Simply waiting for things to happen is negative. I teach positivity and self-help; negativity of any kind is harmful, not only to ourselves but also to those around us. However, giving clairvoyance is a part of my work, and it is always interesting when my predictions are fulfilled. This can take time: clairvoyance may show you the end of the road, but not all the footsteps leading up to it or all the little paths leading off it before you reach your destination. You have to walk that road and work out your own life whether you know the future or not.

When people find they have to take the steps themselves, or start going up one of those side-paths, they may think: This is nothing like the clairvoyance I was given! Then, perhaps two years later, they'll ring up to say: 'You'll never guess what's happened! Everything has turned out exactly as forecast!'

You also get the skeptics, who, rather than sit back and wait, go and do the opposite of what the medium has recommended! One of these is a publisher friend called John: over a period of two or three years he asked me regularly for clairvoyance, and then deliberately went against any advice I gave him. This was partly because he didn't want his decision-making influenced by anyone else, partly as an experiment to see whether his behaviour would alter the outcome. In fact it never did; what I predicted always happened!

This gift is part of my personality and there's no question of switching it on and off. It can arrive at any time and any place. I can be sitting at dinner enjoying the conversation, and suddenly I am given information concerning one of the guests. When clairvoyance arrives spontaneously like this, it is usually for a purpose. Sometimes it is to convince the unconvinced. Because of the nature of Alan's work, we often entertain; at one dinner-party I told an overseas client, who was rather skeptical about my work, that his right-hand man would leave him within three months. He said this was most unlikely; his colleague had been with him for twelve years. About three weeks later he phoned Alan to say that the man had given notice.

Usually the purpose of spontaneous clairvoyance is to comfort and reassure someone who is anxious or under stress. I also feel that when it comes unsought it is much more reliable than it might be if I were giving sittings for hour after hour. Mediums often have to interpret the information they receive; if they are unwell or tired, there is a risk of their giving an incorrect interpretation. The well-being of the client must always be uppermost in the clairvoyant's mind; I always make sure that what I give to others has come to me so clearly that I can't be mistaken.

My friend Louise received very detailed spontaneous clairvoyance on her first visit to me for healing, which was also our first meeting. She had just embarked on a second marriage and in the autumn of 1983 she and her husband, anxious to start a new home together, had started looking for a country cottage in Oxfordshire.

However, I immediately saw that they would be moving to Sussex, where they would be near a commuter line. (Louise has to travel to London for her work). Accordingly, the couple began house-hunting in Sussex. At first they had no luck, but on her next visit I was still certain that Sussex was where they would find their dream cottage. The clarity of the pictures given to me was amazing; I could see the South Downs and the surrounding countryside as if I were there.

And I had further information for Louise. 'Although you can go on looking,' I said, 'the cottage will in fact find you' I described it to her as I saw it: 'It has hills in the distance, it's surrounded by trees and there is some sort of pond adjacent to it. Although there is a large house next to it, I don't think you will be able to afford that one. The cottage is not free at the moment, but you will be in it by next summer.

Within a week, Louise had received a phone call from her sister to say that her husband's uncle had just died, leaving everything to his sister. The property included a big house in Sussex which had been sold, and a cottage next door which the sister was thinking of selling. Louise asked me to go and see it with them; before we set out she showed me a photograph of the cottage. I said: 'Yes, this is the house I saw. It belongs to a woman who has only about three weeks to live.'

When we drove down there it was just as I had seen it: a charming rosy brick cottage, next to a large beautiful but dilapidated house - which the couple could certainly not have afforded! It was in a country area, but near a commuter line. The garden, which included a sunken lawn, was bordered by trees and had an uninterrupted view of the South Downs at one end - all exactly as I had seen it. But I was puzzled. I told Louise: 'This is just what I saw, but there is no water. I know there was water'.

The new owner was very ill and was in fact to die within a month, but before then Louise and her husband took me to meet her, along with a young cousin. While I gave the sick woman some healing to relieve her pain, Louise and her husband walked in the garden with the cousin. He suddenly burst out in an embarrassed way: 'There's one thing I ought to have told you about the house. When my uncle bought it, there was a pond where the sunken lawn is, so it may be very damp!'

That was obviously where I had seen the water. Could the previous owner have been giving me the information and showing me the scene as he had seen it the first time? He had obviously loved the place, and I feel sure that he wanted the next owners to love it, too. Louise tells me that the house, with its calm beauty and ancient atmosphere, feels very important to them both; it has not only given them roots, but is also a source of inspiration to her husband, who is a writer.

The actual purchase was dragged out by legal complications and the sale of Louise's London house, but in August 1984 they finally moved in. A curious and pleasant postscript to the story is that not long afterwards Alan and I moved to our present home, which is ten minutes' walk away!

After their move, Louise wrote to me: 'During all this doubt and worry, the power of your clairvoyance and the accuracy in detail after detail and your assurance that we would eventually live in the cottage kept our spirits and determination going.'

However, knowing it's all going to come right in the end doesn't mean you can stop making an effort.

Another potential misuse of clairvoyance is when clients simply want decision making taken out of their hands, which isn't good for anyone. Sometimes I've asked these people, 'What do you want out of life?' and received the answer, 'I want someone to tell me.' But we were all given minds with which to plan our own lives. Most people know at heart what they would like to achieve: the best help you can give yourself is to visualize your goal in your mind and work steadily towards it.

It is your life, and there is always a choice. If you can train yourself to have 'clear vision' by being positive and independent and working hard for your ultimate goals, you hold your fate in your own hands. It's always best to try to make positive decisions for yourself, and only seek clairvoyance when the situation is confused.

One situation I have learned to avoid is giving clairvoyance to both partners in a troubled relationship. The clairvoyant can only too easily be used as a scapegoat; each partner can bring out information given in confidence and use it as a weapon against the other, instead of taking responsibility for their own feelings and opinions.


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