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The first book in the 'Mind' series:


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This was the first 'Mind' book by Betty Shine, which became an immediate best-seller.

Excerpts from my review:

'The book in itself covers the search Betty was continually engaged in for her own health and welfare. Her illness was debilitating, and she felt that having gone the full course with traditional medical practitioners, why not see what the 'fringe' had to offer. She was familiar with mediums and psychics, in that her family shared these traits through heredity - so she booked an appointment with a local famous medium in the hopes he could shed light on her ever frightening illness.'

'Betty takes the reader year by year throughout this fascinating time of spiritual development, and self-discovery. She describes what it feels like to be both healer, and sitter. Her case histories of clients are superbly written, and include so many human qualities of strength, and fragility.'

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