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From the book 'A Free Spirit': Chapter 6, Section 1

The great thinkers of this world, past and present, are those who refuse to accept the obvious and who have absolute faith in their ability to look beyond the thought. This knowledge has given them the key to the invisible but inspirational place where thoughts are fine-tuned, enabling them to bring order to a disorganised world.

It may sound easy, but it isn't; to go down this road you have to be courageous enough to stick to your guns once you have made a final statement. There are millions of ordinary thinkers who have made a difference, so you do not necessarily have to have a great mind to bring about change. But you have to have the courage not to give in when you're targeted by negative thinkers who only consider themselves and their immediate problems.

It is important to read these words again and again before you continue.

Not only are they the most important words you will ever read, but having read and absorbed the visible and invisible lessons within them, you will be inspired to think about everything that you read and hear about in your day-to-day existence.

Lying to the country has always been a major political disease, and it continues to be so. Before television and this technological world that we now inhabit, the majority of people lived their lives in total ignorance. Nowadays there is no excuse for turning a blind eye to what we know is going on, and if you are a thinker, you will find that the obvious is constantly being used as a blind to hide the more subtle truth.

This is why I have dedicated the first part of this book (A Free Spirit) to animals and the environment. Each and every one of us should be vigilant, for what is happening in these areas now will affect us all.

I have received far more sustenance from the invisible world than I have done from the material world. The secret is 'knowing' when you are in contact with something that you cannot see or hear. I call this the audible silence. You will soon be aware of the presence of invisible forces when you begin to receive inaudible inspirational messages which will impinge on the mind in your waking hours. Having once experienced this contact, you will never forget it.


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