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Special Offers:

Tapes  Price Order Link
Complete set of 4 Mind Magic Tapes 20.00
Complete set of 3 Mind Workbook Tapes (Zip File) 15.00
Complete set of 4 Additional Tapes 20.00

Individual Full Tapes:

Tapes Price Per Tape Order Link
Mind Magic Tape 1 6.00
Mind Magic Tape 2 6.00
Mind Magic Tape 3 6.00
Mind Magic Tape 4* 6.00
Mind Workbook Tape 1 9.00
Mind Workbook Tape 2 9.00
Mind Workbook Tape 3 9.00
Mind Energy Explained 6.00
Progression Through Positivity 6.00
A Greater Understanding* 6.00
Mysteries of Mantric Sound* 6.00 Make payments with PayPal - Download with PayLoadz
Betty Shine - Without You 6.00

*These tapes are only available as full tapes.

Individual Tracks:

Mind Magic Tape 1 Price Per Track Order Link
Track 1: Back to Your Roots 1.25
Track 2: Up in the Clouds 1.25
Track 3: Stay the Pangs 1.25
Track 4: Mirror Image 1.25
Track 5: Blackboard of the Mind 1.25
Track 6: Clutter 1.25
Mind Magic Tape 2
Track 1 & 2: Lift Off 3.50
Track 3: Poem - 'My Law' 1.25
Track 4: The Auric Egg 1.25
Mind Magic Tape 3
Track 1: Mind Medicine Room 1.25
Track 2 & 3: Fighting Cancer 3.50
Track 4: Have You Ever 1.25
Mind Magic Tape 4 is only available as a full tape: 6.00

Mantric Sound enables you to go on a journey of Spiritual Enlightenment using the subtle tones of the human voice to awaken the psychic energies within us all. Sung by Janet Shine.


Mind Workbook Tape 1
Track 1: Poem - An Explanation of the Energy Counterpart 1.25
Track 2: Quotation - Absent Healing 1.25
Track 3: Quotation - Relieving Stress 1.25
Track 4: Quotation - Disciplining Your Thoughts 1.25
Track 5: Quotation - Blackboard of the Mind 1.25
Track 6: Quotation - The Rosebud - Poem 1.25
Track 7: Quotation - The Auric Egg 1.25
Track 8: Quotation - Stay the Pangs 1.25
Track 9: Quotation - Peel Away the Pain 1.25
Track 10: Quotation - Psychometry 1.25
Track 11: Writing Poetry - Colour Exercise - Poem 1.25
Mind Workbook Tape 2
Track 1: Quotation - The Magician's Castle 1.25
Track 2: Quotation - Drifting 1.25
Track 3: The Catherine Wheel - Quotation 1.25
Track 4: Quotation -Footprints in the Sand 1.25
Track 5: Fly a Kite 1.25
Track 6: Quotation -The Spider's Web 1.25
Track 7: Quotation - A Laze on the Beach 1.25
Track 8: Quotation - Mirror Image 1.25
Track 9: Quotation - Touching the Soul 1.25
Mind Workbook Tape 3
Track 1: Lift Off 1.25
Track 2: A Child's First Steps - Quotation 1.25
Track 3: Quotation - Remote Viewing (1) 1.25
Track 4: Remote Viewing (2) - Quotation 1.25
Track 5: One Step at a Time 1.25
Track 6: Poem - The Walking Game 1.25
Track 7: Telepathic Communication with Pets 1.25
Track 8: Telepathy through Visualization - Pets  and the Conclusion 1.25
Betty Shine's Mind Energy Explained
Track 1: An explanation of her incredible discovery of Mind Energy and its relationship to absent healing, mediumship and clairvoyance. 3.50
Track 2: Exercise: A Spring Walk 1.25
Track 3: Exercise: A Visualization of Self Help for cancer and other serious illnesses 1.25
Betty Shine's Progression Through Positivity
Track 1: Betty Shine reads from her booklet Mind Energy and Positive Thought which has brought comfort to many people all over the world. 3.50
Track 2: Exercise: The Cure-All Pool 1.25
Track 3: Exercise: Painting and Self Diagnosis 1.25

Betty Shine's A Greater Understanding is only available as a full tape: 6.00

Janet Shine's Mysteries of Mantric Sound is only available as a full tape: 6.00

Producer Peter Quinn


Betty Shine - Without You
Track 1: Attitude 1.25
Track 2: Take Your Time 1.25
Track 3: Ambition 1.25
Track 4: Without You 1.25
Track 5: Lady of the Night 1.25

This collection of lyrics was compiled by Betty's daughter Janet, grand daughter Raina, and friends. It is a tribute to the life and work of Betty Shine a medium, healer, writer and lyricist. Further lyrics can be found in Betty's new book called 'Shine On'.

Betty Shine Lyrics
Adam LeClercq Music and Vocals
Raina Damani Violin
Nicole Ginart Flute and Sax


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