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'Passages' was created almost three years ago, and so many have emailed - telling me they have enjoyed it. It was a cooperative effort between my work, and all the chapters below - that Betty Shine volunteered.

I wanted a way to showcase her work over the internet, since in many countries (U.S. especially) - her books are hard to come by. She wanted a way to help support the Site. 'Passages' was born.

The eBook is a free download, it includes a chapter each from seven of Betty Shine's best-sellers:

  • Mind to Mind
  • Mind Magic
  • Mind Waves
  • A Mind of Your Own
  • My Life as a Medium
  • The Infinite Mind
  • A Free Spirit

Betty gave me total discretion in choosing which chapters to include. The result is a collaborative book all it's own. It gives the reader a way to see beyond the problems of every day life - and create a new outlook for themselves. When they expand their thoughts, in a positive way - life truly begins.

Passages also includes Betty's natal chart, interpretation - as well as her take on it. Also with all of this, is some of my own paranormal adventures.

Please feel free to email me with any questions. Until then, enjoy the free preview of seven of Betty Shine's greatest works.

Mike Zitaglio

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New as of 8/24/05!

You can now enjoy all of Betty Shine's Chapters in an Adobe Acrobat Format. This makes the reading available to those who work with Macs!

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New as of 4/23/09!

You can now enjoy all of Betty Shine's Chapters in Microsoft Office 2003 Word format

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If you would like to read the extra chapters of my Paranormal Diary, and also review Betty Shine's natal chart - here is the link:

Natal Chart and Paranormal Diary Chapters




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