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How do I download 'Passages'?


1. Please read through all the steps before starting the download process, if you have questions during the download session - you can easily navigate between pages by using the 'minimize and maximize' buttons on the top right of each page.

2. Begin the download  when ready, by double-clicking here

3. A screen will come up that looks like this:

4. Make sure you select the radio button pictured as above. You want to 'save this program to disk'. Then press the 'OK' button.

5. After you pressed the 'OK' button, you will get another screen that appears like this:

6. While it will differ in some ways from your own (I am running an autumn theme for example, that you may not have), it is basically the same. You need to choose a place to save 'Passages' to, on your computer. Notice on the very top of this graphic, it has a blue background with the words 'save as' printed on the top left. Just underneath that are the words 'Save in:', what I want you to notice is that I have selected 'Desktop'. I have found this to be the easiest for me. If you wish to do this, use the little 'down arrow' graphic to the right of this field, until you find that location.

7. Please notice that highlighted in blue, is the filename 'passages', and to the right of that is the SAVE button. Once you have selected where (i.e. desktop), click the SAVE button.

8. This will begin the download session. You need to remain connected to the internet the entire time that the file is downloading. You must not cancel the download process, if you do - you need to start from the beginning. It should not take that long, 'Passages' is about 878kb, the time will depend on your computer's processing speed.

9. When it is done, you will find an icon on your desktop that resembles this one:

Your background may not be the autumn theme I have, but the main thing is that the icon in the center is the same.

10. To open 'Passages', just double-click the icon seen above! All the chapters will be readily available for you to enjoy.



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