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'A Free Spirit' is the latest book by Betty Shine. This is her contribution to every reader's goal, a set path to self-realization - the freeing of the true nature inside all of us.

Betty speaks about the animal kingdom, and teaches the reader the way to harness the universal language of telepathy. With this key you are able to relate to the whole of nature itself. There is so much more that we need to do to protect our environment - and those creatures we are sharing our planetary home with.

Case by case histories of Betty's unerring rapport with pets and animals. Healing stories, and just plain clearing the air between 'owner' and 'pet' - using telepathy as a universal tool. You will be fascinated at the simple learning steps to open your awareness to  natural language of animals.

The second section of this book is an in-depth help center for relationships. Beginning with simple interactions, to complete (and individual) chapters on relationships for men, women, children and teenagers. If you find other people's everyday reactions to the world a bit mystifying - you should read what Betty had put to paper on the opposite sex or partner! You will finally understand where they are 'coming from'.

Freeing the inner self is the corner stone of this book, there are many chapters to help you on your own personal path - and move you into a more spiritually conducive place. Betty also devotes a few chapters on hand analysis, yoga, and exercise.


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