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A review by Michael Zitaglio


This book really 'upped the ante', and has drawn a line in the sand for years to come. Betty sets a challenge to the scientific, and medical communities - it is time to look beyond the physical, the analytical, - and use spiritually based principles as well!

Centuries of proof, even to this day - and still a blind eye is turned on NDE's (near death experiences), undeniable survival evidence, and psychic phenomena.

In this book, Betty Shine also conclusively puts to rest the idea of us being alone in the universe. She describes her experiences with UFOs, and her interactions with them. For this alone - this book is a stunning read from front to back.

Many more subjects are covered in greatest detail; insights into the multidimensional universes that surround us, true sight, clairvoyance and intuition - these are all written in a simple, yet conclusive manner.

This is one of the most inspiring, and self-identifying books that Betty has put out to the world. I personally have found so many similarities in her accounts, and my own past history. I am sure that you will too!


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