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A review by Michael Zitaglio

'Mind Magic' is Betty Shine's second book, in the psychic course trilogy. The key to this book, and all that follow is the use and agility of one's personal imagination. The mind is a powerful force, and to harness your own power system, you need to recognize the strength in visualization.

This book is filled with powerful, yet simplistic exercises that will get your own mind energy off the ground!

A single mind is one thing, but the ability to link up with a 'collection of past minds, of minds strengthened with knowledge, talent and spiritual values' - is an incredible resource available to anyone. This 'Universal Mind' as Betty describes it, makes your life easier. This link heightens infused knowledge, or intuition - it also teaches you spiritual values over what others seem to crave physically in the world of objects and things.

Betty guides the reader into new vistas, mental landscapes, and teaches the relaxation processes (and positivity exercises) that earn the reader a foothold in these new lands. Forget outer space as the next frontier, it is most definitely our own emerging psychic natures that are revealing the hidden maps of inner space, of the mind.

This book goes into great depth about the energy body that surrounds all of us. The many exercises in the book include: 

  • Back to your roots

  • Lift off

  • The auric egg

  • Stay the pangs!

  • Mirror image

  • Instant recall

  • Blackboard of the Mind

  • Clutter

Learning more about your own self-healing processes, and how you can direct absent healing to others are all a part of this book.

Also included are 'question and answer' chapters, definitions of many paranormal terms - and a complete listing of vitamin/mineral therapies for the reader to use in balancing their on healthy needs!

To sum up the book perfectly I will quote Betty Shine, on page 306 of 'Mind Magic'. 

'My intention in this book has been to show you that the mind survives, and to help you to strengthen your mind in this dimension to such an extent that you will achieve great things in the next. Yet again, mind energy is the key.'




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