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A review by Michael Zitaglio


If  you ever truly wanted to learn how Betty feels on any particular subject, 'A Mind of Your Own' is the book for you.

There are 201 word subjects that Betty sets to defining, and also includes a visualization in helping to perfect each in your life. There are just as many quotes from many people past and present. Affirmations instill the reader with positive reinforcement throughout each definition.

How does Betty view chain-letters (not kindly), witches, heaven and hell? It is all in there with no punches pulled.

I find this book to be one of the best when you have time to spend. Doctor visits, waiting rooms, anywhere that you may have a bit of time on your hands - take this book along with you! Either reading it from front to back - or randomly choosing a chapter or two - this is a resource book of a most positive nature.



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