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A review by Michael Zitaglio


'Mind to Mind' was the very first book I was introduced to, by a dear friend. It was something that changed my life so totally, that I couldn't wait for others to read it - and have it have the same effect on them. That is not always the case, as physical and spiritual healing is all about the individual and their personal inner processes/receptivity - as well as the message given to them by spiritual people, such as Betty Shine.

The book in itself covers the search Betty was continually engaged in for her own health and welfare. Her illness was debilitating, and she felt that having gone the full course with traditional medical practitioners, why not see what the 'fringe' had to offer. She was familiar with mediums and psychics, in that her family shared these traits through heredity - so she booked an appointment with a local famous medium in the hopes he could shed light on her ever frightening illness.

Little was she prepared for what information was about to be given to her. While she always had a psychic sense, and intuitively knew that she would be a global name at some point - she had no clue as to the personal work that would inevitably put her there. She was told of her own mediumistic skills, and first and foremost the reason for her illness.

She was a healer, and all the energies that should have been delivered and dissipated through this healing art - where blocked up inside of her! Once she started healing full-time, this would clear up and never be a problem again. This advice proved true, but Betty still took some kind of convincing about the whole concept of being both medium and healer.

Betty takes the reader year by year throughout this fascinating time of spiritual development, and self-discovery. She describes what it feels like to be both healer, and sitter. Her case histories of clients are superbly written, and include so many human qualities of strength, and fragility.

Step by step all is explained that leaves the reader with a certain knowledge of a subject that to any other author would be vague, or couched in mysticisms. That subject is of our own spiritual nature, our true bodies, and the way we are moving through this world - and back home to the one we temporarily left.

Survival evidence is not only defined, but through many instances with her own sitters - she is able to draw the reader into the world of a true medium. You will feel the sadness and grief lift as you read each case history she has included into 'Mind to Mind'.

Just when you thought it couldn't be topped, the last chapters of this book is dedicated to each reader. Betty Shine gives you the guidance and exercises to expand your own mind and consciousness. The sheer positivity of this book will lift your spirits and introduce you to a world that you thought long lost.



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