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'There are so many doors of the mind, and the keys are there if we can only find them. One has to have an open mind. The whole of life is an experiment. Enjoy it'

Quote from Betty Shine in  'Mind Waves'

This sets the course for the final book in the psychic self-study trilogy. Betty takes the reader through many topics of psychic phenomena and occult activities. She explains each, and offers the reader guidance in their own exploration of each field of study. Dousing, remote viewing, psychokinesis, and much more; Betty is able to walk the reader through a complete explanation. 

Mind waves are the phenomena behind all of these wonderful, naturally occurring processes. They also form the foundation in the practice of psychic surgery, past-life regression, and psychometry - to name a few of the chapters in this book.

Also in this book is a section of all things beautiful - to Betty's eyes. The natural world around us, and how it effects all of us in a positive way - if we only will truly stop to see and listen.

You will be guided with nine full chapters, covering emotions that range from 'love at first sight', to 'envy', 'greed'', and 'joy'. Personal views of each, and a special way of looking at ourselves is neatly written into these chapters.

Betty Shine's explanation of 'mind waves', leaves the reader with a whole new perception, and a continuing adventure long after the last chapter is read.



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