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Betty Shine died on 26 March 2002 of heart failure, a bitter irony for a woman who had devoted much of her life to healing others and who not only spoke from the heart but acted from it, too.

Having spent the last decade of her life committing her thoughts and tales of her incredible experiences to paper, producing 11 popular and often best-selling books, Betty had begun experimenting with a new outlet for her unique philosophy of life - writing poetry. Though she had written heartfelt poetry for many years, it was only in her last year that it was finally being recognized as being really special, when she began getting interest from music professionals about using a number of these verses as song lyrics. It seemed that the musical instincts Betty had honed as a professional opera singer were showing themselves quite unwittingly in the way she wrote poetry.

This final book from Betty Shine collects together 101 of Betty's poems, and is introduced by her daughter, Janet, who worked closely with Betty and has inherited many of her amazing psychic gifts. Janet also provides a short introduction to each poem, which allows the reader a unique intimacy into the background to each one. At once thought-provoking and inspiring, the collection presents an honest summary of so many of the thoughts and sentiments that made Betty's books so popular and stimulating. Betty may not have been destined to be Poet Laureate, but the wisdom enshrined in these pieces will provide support and solace to her many devoted fans, as well as being a perfect introduction for those who have yet to be touched by the mind magic of Betty Shine.

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